Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Revoking Your Right to Vote for the Candidate of Your Choice

Don't people think for more than 5 minutes about the implications of decisions they make ?

Yesterday voters on the Kenai approved term limits - well that seems all well and good. Let's get someone with a fresh perspective on the borough assembly and the school board. What could be wrong with that?

Pete Sprague won yesterday's Borough Assembly election with over 65% of the vote - a clear mandate. We SOLdotnans like Pete. He brings some level-headed decision-making to the office as he thoroughly researches issues and avoids partisan politics. He's help bring some semblance of sanity to the political arena. Citizens of Soldotna also rejected the term-limit referendum, but unfortunately, that issue passed in the borough. So it looks like Pete can't hold office.

Wait a minute. Is that Freedom on the march? The voters clearly indicated that we wanted Pete, and in SOLdotna, we even voted against term limits.

If you like your dentist or doctor and that person is competent, do you change who you see every few years?

But the rest of the borough, by approving term limits, tells us, tough, you can't have the person you want on the assembly.

That's freedom marching down the shit hole!

Apparently now, the assembly, without a SOLdotna representative, gets to pick who will represent SOLdotna.

Need any more proof that you're shit outta luck here?

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