Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Billy Narkiewicz for State Senate

Reason # 213 while we’re SOL here in SOLdotna is the race for the Alaskan senate seat here in our district.  Only two republicans filed, incumbent Tom Wagoner from Kenai and our own mayor, Peter Micciche from SOLdotna. Democrats were AWOL, so the primary will essentially decide who will represent Big Oil in Juneau. 

Tom has been efficient in his inefficiency as our current guy in Juneau.  Since he refused to join the coalition, he’s been left out of having much influence in the senate, but to his credit, he didn’t completely roll over to the whims of Governor Parnell and Mike Chenault, the Speaker of the CBC. Their assault on ACES failed due to lack of any credible evidence that giving back some $2billion/year to the oil companies would do the state any good and a ton of evidence that things are darn good right now, despite the whine of Big Oil and teabag Rs. 

The race is close as Micciche has campaigned long and hard. He’s almost single-handedly resurrected the timber industry by planting his signs on every bit of bare ground on the Kenai.

Both men are gaffe-prone and that’s good business for bloggers.  Wagoner let himself be photographed palling around with a convicted terrorist, Schaeffer Cox, when that miscreant was down on the peninsula trying to start a well-armed red-neck insurrection a few years ago.  Tom’s campaign flier has him in a cowboy hat with oil derricks in the background. After redistricting, he has to convince Homer that oil is our salvation, he might not understand that the folks south of us kinda like K-Bay as it is.  He hasn't exactly been a friend of the lower peninsula and their quest to get natural gas piped down there either.
Not to be out-done, PM has vowed to take down the senate coalition.  He needs every vote and has been courting Ns and Is to ask for the R ballot when voting and has asked Ds to switch to some other affiliation so they can vote the R ballot.  What is his main priority? To dismantle the senate coalition.  Yes, he has the audacity to say vote for me so I won’t cooperate with you.  Um, Peter, take off your oil-industry glasses.  The coalition is the only check and balance we now have in Alaska.  They are the only ones asking tough questions and not taking malarkey as answers.  Oh, that’s right.  He works for Conoco-Philips. Those oil-industry glasses are permanently attached.

Peter has a nice family and lives on the Peninsula year-round. He's active in fundraising for good causes like the Boys and Girls' Club and Rotary.  Tom likes to play golf Outside for most of the year and signs up for every junket when the senate is in session so he can swing the clubs anywhere but Alaska.

I wonder if Peter is receiving money from Governor Parnellquasi-legal slush fund established to unseat senators who joined the coalition.

I attended a meet and greet for hizzoner, Mr. Micciche the other day and as much as I like the guy and the sincerity he has as mayor, however often misguided (Cemetery & Hutchings Chevrolet), to make SOLdotna a better place to live, there was little common ground. He’s rah-rah for Chenault and Wackers’s HB 9 that would run a bullet line from the slope to tidewater with a spur to Fairbanks. Oh, the state would kick in about $10bilion in corporate welfare to make that happen, then the costs would be passed on to the consumers on the Kenai, Anchorage and the railbelt.  The citizens bear the brunt of the risk and Big Oil reaps the profits.  Oh, Chenault also wants no government oversight for the project, and that was one of the senate coalition’s big objections to the bill.  Thanks goodness.  Look what happened to the budgets of the Port of Anchorage and the valley prison with the absence of oversight. 

Peter supports Parnell’s decision to refuse federal funds to help low-income folks access Medicare.  I truly don’t understand this.  Let’s see, we should restrict the working poor from getting health care? I think we should no longer subsidize the health care of politicians who oppose health care for those who work but are paid low wages.  Maybe no one who makes over $100, 000/year should get state-sponsored health care. If the poor don’t need it, the rich maybe should pay their own way. Peter’s rationale is that he doesn’t want to be told by government he has to pay for something.  Does that mean we shouldn’t pay any taxes, have insurance for our house and car, register our vehicles?  Or does it just mean that you are pandering for the teabag vote and the mentality that we should have it all, but pay for nothing? 

Anyway, unless you’re a registered republican, an independent or non-partisan, you can’t vote in the republican primary.  If you can’t vote in that primary, you have no vote in deciding who will represent you in the state senate..

Well, that’s where Billy Narkiewicz comes in. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for either of the industry tools that are running, vote for BN.  His name is as least as hard to spell as Lisa Murcowskee and she kicked some Tea Bag ass as a write-in candidate. They are still pissed at her.

 And Billy is no RINO.  Well, he’s not a DINO, but rather a KINO. It’s all political theater.

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