Monday, December 22, 2008

Jerry Ward - Alaska's sleasiest politician?

Ahhh, remember Jerry? - we were really SOL when he represented us in the state senate. Let's see - he claimed he lived in a trailer in Nikiski instead of his $500,000 house in Anchorage. Then there was some hush-hush business involving Jerry and private prisons that cost Delta Junction a cool million bucks. Jerry was all about private prisons, well, until he was against them. (wonder where he got a lot of his 'funding' from?) He also managed to piss off fellow republicans when he claimed the Republican Party of Alaska endorsed him in the primary of 2000 - they didn't of course. Oh, let's not forget the pull-tab money and the Kenai Native Association that he threw his wife under the bus about. And just what was the deal with that sexual harassment issue back in Juneau?

Well, Jerry is back in the news - and in good company - with Uncle Ted. Seems Jerry convinced Dave Anderson, a witness in Steven's corruption trial to claim that Anderson's testemony was a lie. Seems that Jerry was out to save his own skin - as Ward is being investigated by the FBI for being on the receiving end of funds from Bill Weimar. Remember the private prisons? Anyway, you can't make this shit up. Anderson is living with Ward's daughter who used to date Bill Allen who bribed Stevens. Read it here for yourself (if you haven't already).

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