Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 things that don't Suck in Soldotna (revised)

1)Tsalteshi Trails - world class x-country skiing.
2)Kaladi Bros - the fix is on...and now remodeled!
3)Triumvirate Theater
4)River City Books
5)M. Scott Moon - the photographer for the Clarion. Damn, his picts are good - and it's about the only reason to buy the rag. How come you're still in THIS town?!?
6)KDLL (well it's not broadcast from SOLdotna. but the reception here isn't bad if you wear some tinfoil on your head)
7)The Kenai River Brewery (behind Frosos) Get a Growler or two and say hello to Inebriata
8)St. Elias Brewpub - good eats and food, but how about some noise absorbing tiles?
9)You can get there (ski, bike, climb, hike, kayak) from here.
10) Sarah Palin is not the mayor!


Anonymous said...

The polar bear design is far and away the best. The midnight sun, ocean ice flows and the bear itself are all found in only one US State - AK. Nothing about the grizzly design is specific to AK. But if Lady Sarah has her way, both polar bears and ocean ice flows will be a thing of the past. At least she hasn't found a way to turn off the midnight sun - but she sure is capable of bringing us some dark days.

Anonymous said...
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Adah said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, folks, we need to wake up and realize that we've got some EXCELLENT media coverage from both the Peninsula Clarion with Mike Nesper and Dante Petri, and KDLL radio with Ben Stanton. It's very welcomed, and long overdue. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Say, is there anywhere I can take plastic or cardboard recycling in this town? We moved here a few months ago and so far we can only find a place to take aluminum cans.

souldotna said...

Take it to dump south of Soldotna. There are different bins for all items.

Anonymous said...

Reason #11: Hey, it's not Wasilla!

highonahill said...

There are recycling bins for some, but sadly not all, items...

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