Thursday, January 24, 2008

Want to RIP in SOLdotna? - Well, You're SOL!

When my time is up, I want to be sent off viking-style. Load my carcass on a raft made up of beetle-kill, torch it up, and launch it out in the inlet. I want my friends to have a drink or two as the flames do their thing.

Those who live in SOLdotna who may want a more traditional burial are really SOL as this town does not have a cemetery. The city has had the opportunity to locate one in a 10 acre parcel off of West Redoubt near Redoubt Elementary, but a local subdivision organization, led by Gary Turner, the director of Kenai Peninsula College, has put the kabosh on that for now. Gary's arguments are really lame and self-serving. You would think a college director would be able to offer more than the transparent reasons he has given. Check it out his opinion piece in the PC.

Clark Fair, a teacher at Skyview HS and a long-time SOLdotna resident, offered this reply to Turner.

I'll have an update soon as the SOLdotna City council met yesterday to re-visit this grave issue.

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