Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Those Darn Letters to the Editor

OMG...who left the door to the inane [sic] asylum open?

Have you been reading the online version of the Peninsula Clarion lately?

Paul Morrison wrote a letter to the editor complaining that he spent over $2800 on media subscriptions trying to find dirt on Obama (how did BO afford to go to ivy league schools? where did he work while in college? what did his church stand for?). Poor Paul couldn't find a thing and because of this inability, he concluded that common sense and logic were absent in the good ol' US of A.

Couldn't agree with you more - and it starts with you dude!

Hmmm...Paul, just what are you looking for? I think BO had scholarships and loans (which he recently paid off), worked part-time in a Baskin-Robbins and went to a Christian church (they believe in Christ I think). You should read his speech on race to put J Wright's often whacked sermons in context.

Do scroll down a bit and read the comments. We've got a lot of strange folks out and about in the central peninsula. Postings by robertwhite, freezerburt, Torp44, and especially kenai123 dive into the empty end of the gene pool. These guys have seen (very discredited) blog postings about BO's birth certificate, his Muslim background, and various other conspiracies and are going apeshit with accusation and innuendos.

I don't intend to get rid of my guns anytime soon - guys like that on the lose are wicked scary. I certainly hope that the laws are strong enough to keep weapons out of the hands of these guys.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slammin' The Door (You Betcha, winky-wink)

Hey there Sarah Palin...

Yahweh the God here.

I've hoped that you've noticed. That sign you've been seeking - the open door you've been wondering about. It's not open. No, not even a crack.

Your Uncle Ted had it coming, but Mark won fair and square and if you think you can take on Lisa when her term is up in two years, that's a cat fight that will be the political equivalent of pro wrasslin'. A divine comedy!

So please - try a little humility right now. No more interviews with the national press. No book deals. No out-of-state meetings. No spotlight.

Let's see you get back to work in AK. Oil prices are down - you may have to balance a budget this time around. Your Canadian pipeline won't be built for at least 20 years. And speaking of pipelines, the one from Washington DC is all dried up. No more redistribution of the wealth by the way of energy bonuses (but a fine socialist idea nonetheless). And remember my parables. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life. Wouldn't it had been better to invest that $1.2 billion you spent on those energy checks on a long-term solution?

Do think about learning a thing or two about any issue that you may want to speak about (before you speak about it). And remember this - subject followed by predicate. The idea that one sentence connects to the idea of the next sentence is also a good one.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wagoner too sick to work? If so, he should resign

The PC reports that Tom Wagoner, the central peninsula's representative to the state house is sick and has left the state to receive treatments (see story).

I wish Tom a speedy recovery and a quick return to Alaska - but when he gets back, I hope that he fully intends to actually represent our communities during this coming legislative session. He has already decided NOT to be part of the bi-partisan majority that was formed last week. This will make the third session in the row that he has sat in the sidelines rather than participate in making government work for all of us. That's like a paid vacation on the government tab for doing no work.

Tom, if you wanted to sit out the current session, why did you run for office?

If you are unwilling to serve, please consider resigning your seat and let someone go to Juneau that will actually work for us?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Results: The Kenai Peninsula

Last month Dave Carey defeated John Williams for the Borough Mayor. I don't know how this will play out - while not a particular fan of Williams, I am not confident that Dave understands complexities. Time will tell. Dave's first act was to order department heads to trim 5% from their budgets. The request is more symbolic than necessary, as the KPB does operate in the black. But Dave did get elected by a movement to cut the cost of government, so cut he should do.

Once again, I am not surprised by Chenault's victory over Evans, Wagoner's over Anderson's, or Olson's over Waisanan. We get what we deserve though.

Remember that Chenault, a member of the Corrupt Bastard's Club and recipient of thousands of dollars of VECO money, held up the tax reform legislation in his committee that then forced Gov Palin to call a special session to deal with. How much did that tactic cost the state? Chenault was also instrumental in doing away with the defined benefits retirement plan for state employees that has created a huge problem attracting folks to fill state trooper and other state positions. He was also part of the team that mistakenly reduced the states obligated payments to TRS and PRS. Luckily $100+ barrels of oil coupled with an overhaul of the oil tax laws (which he opposed) helped us find a way out of that mess - but at a greater cost than if we had just continued with our obligations.

For two terms, Wagoner has refused to join the coalition that brought a much needed across-the-aisle cooperation in Juneau. He would prefer the old system that ignores the diversity that exists in this state. Anyway, for two terms, Wagoner has done absolutely noting but sit on the sidelines and moan and groan.

And Olson? He’s another VECO fund recipient that does little more than occupy space.

OK - you guys are in. Let's get a sound fiscal policy in place. Let's create support for alternate energy development. Let's figure out how to get a sound educational policy in place.

Election Results: Alaska

I am not at all surprised with the outcomes here in Alaska. We're not only SOL here in Soldotna, but we're SOL throughout this state.

As of now, a felon convicted on 7 counts leads in the race for the US Senate. Yes, Uncle Ted is guilty and it has nothing to do with any improper court proceedings. His own testimony did him in.

Don Young who is also leading in his race is under investigation for corruption (don't forget that an overwhelming bipartisan vote from his colleagues in congress recommended the investigation) and he has already spent more than a million bucks in legal fees. No one would be shocked if he gets indicted.

Neither of these men will be effective in DC. It is likely that Ted will be turned out of the Senate and there can be no doubt that Young will be relegated to insignificant positions in the House of Reps.

Get ready Alaska, the anus of America is about to squeeze us off. We'll have to begin to pay our own way. But that just might be a good thing.

Election thoughts: Barack Obama

It is a moment right now – a declaration that, yes, we can change. Americans from all regions and from all persuasions have spoken with audacity.

It’s the recognition that, yes, we should change. That to be that shining beacon to the world, we can no longer condone torture and that we can no longer abandon justice. If our way is the right way, the progressive powers of tolerance, knowledge and dialogue - the essential components of freedom and democracy - need to trump fear, secrecy and partisanship.

It’s the responsibility that, yes, we must change – the problems are too many and too severe to continue to forget America’s middle class and to continue to alienate the rest of the planet. America increased productivity by 20% during the Bush years – our workers produced more and produced more efficiently, but the rewards of this productivity did not go to those who punched a clock – whose wages during this time declined when adjusted for inflation. The top earning 1% of our population now controls 22% of the all the wealth that we have all created. This scope of this disparity is unprecedented in our history. Yes, there has been a redistribution of the wealth – away from those who created it to those have used undo powers of high-priced lobbyists and special interests to reward the already powerful beyond any sense of fairness.

It’s the hope that, yes, we will change. Barack Obama’s message has always been inclusive. These are the United States and we all need to be willing to share the burden required to solve the difficulties ahead. But it is what America does best. We work hard and we believe that hard work can improve our own lives. And we believe that when it necessary, that sacrifice is what it will take to improve the future – so that our children will inherit the reality of our best dreams of prosperity, peace and freedom.

It our moment – a time for all of us in these United States to ensure that the American Dream continues to motivate everyone of us to be our best.

And it’s also a moment for all on our planet - especially for those who live where oppression, fear and corruption rule - to expect that the international policies of our nation and the rest of the free world will insist that prosperity in developing countries is shared by all – not just the powerful military, political and business elite.

Let’s celebrate this victory – it is sweet. But then let’s start cooperating and get some meaningful things done.

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