Friday, January 14, 2011

Mayor Carey: We've Got To Keep Moving (down the road to hell): Part 2

Last week, I posted about Carey's call for the development of the Chuitna Coal mine.  Please, some one out there try to explain to me how destroying a productive salmon stream and shipping dirty coal to China to help power their factories and put more Americans out of work is a good idea? If you think developing this mine is just totally whacked, please do attend DNR public hearing this Wednesday night, January 19,  from 6-9 PM at the Challenger Learning Center.  This will be the one and only opportunity you will have to let the powers know that this is just a lousy idea.

And Mayor Davey is also all about developing the Pebble Mine too.  Once again, salmon be damned. Once again, let's destroy one of the last great ecosystems left on the planet so some multi-national mining company can make billions.  Sometimes, it is not just all about the money.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Alaska Oil Companies Need Your Money

Despite record profits, neither State Senator Tom Wagoner nor House Speaker Mike Chenault think that the oil companies make enough money and are both proposing to enable those businesses to give their executives even larger bonuses.  Of course, like back in the days of the blatant CBC (corrupt bastard club) Mike and Tom are reciting the oil company talking points, but have no real corroborating evidence that ACES has really stifled production or exploration.  The number of Slope workers is greater than what it was before ACES was passed, and the decline of production in the existing fields is what happens when you pump them for 25+ years.  Just like last year when there was some movement to eliminate ACES, the proposals did not have a clause that guaranteed the companies would ramp up exploration/production if they were given a break.  Nope - just give them the money.

Is ACES perfect? Of course not, but the only one with a better proposal was Ethan Berkowitz, who did not get elected governor. Read about his plan here.

What about the guy we did elect to be the Guv'?  The legislature is planning to give him a 40% pay raise - that's right $50,000.  And the guy has not one bright idea about anything. 

Let's see, Alaskans elect Frank Murkowski over Fran Ulmer.  Fran is honest, capabale and has some great ideas. Frank buys a jet and crowns his daughter.  Then we elect Sarah Palin.  Let's not even go there (ACES was her baby by the way). And then we elect Parnell and the first thing that gets taken care of might be his pay raise.

Please tell me exactly why anyone thinks the Republicans are the fiscally conservative party?  They are the union of the ridiculously rich with an army of those incapable of doing anything but reciting talk radio propaganda.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mayor Carey: We've Got To Keep Moving (down the road to hell): Part 1

Oh, Davey, just whom do you get advice from and who writes your speeches?  Is thinking about the consequences of your proposals ever allowed? 

SOL to the rescue.

Let's start with your out-of-total context quip from the AK constitution that we're a resource development state.  You imply that we then have no other choice but develop each and every resource no matter what.  You can't just use the parts of the constitution that support your point of view.  The AK Constitution also says that we are conservation state too.  And more importantly, that development must be based on sustainable yield.

So let's start with the Chuitna Coal project.  OK - just to be clear, this mine would cut right through and destroy a world-class salmon stream by removing 11 miles of the river with an open-pit mine. The coal will be not be used here, but shipped off to China and will fuel their cheap-labor merchandise that will put more Americans out of work.  Then they will burn this very dirty stuff and cause even more environmental damage to the planet.  Oh, the tailings?  Mercury, arsenic and other poisons that not only would destroy the water table there, but would flow into Cook Inlet. 

And what about the salmon?  We have ours with the Kenai River, so screw the rest?  The salmon can be maintained as sustained yield guaranteeing Alaskans jobs and recreation for generations to come.

The open pit will sustain a few rich developers for a few years, create short-term jobs at the pit, but send many other Americans jobs to China.

You should put away that 49 star flag Dave and get out that Red one with the five stars. Anyone who supports this has obviously sold their soul to the god of greed.

There is a hearing about the mine at the Challenger Learning Center in Kenai on Wednesday the 19th at 6 pm.

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