Thursday, August 07, 2014

Joe Miller: The King of Welfare Queens

Wondering which US senate candidate to support in the upcoming primary?  Maybe this Q and A can help!

1) What candidate was disciplined by the Fairbanks North Star Borough for breaking into co-workers computers and using those computers for his own purposes?

That would be Joe Miller. And Joe is on record admitting that he lied about his involvement. Joe also tried to prevent news agencies from investigating this breech of ethics. Joe also tried to delete some 10,000 emails related to his involvement. Oh, while Joe officially resigned from his position with the borough, it came right before he was going to be fired.

2) What candidate is opposed to ObamaCare, yet had no problem enrolling his many kids in Denali KidCare, federally funded health care for children from impoverished families?

That would be Joe Miller. Yes, federally funded health care is fine for his kids, but not for yours. You know, Joe, if you couldn't afford to have kids, for God's sake, you should have kept your zipper up! 

3) Who hired his wife to be his aide when he was a part-time magistrate and then had to let her go because it violated state laws concerning nepotism?

That would be Joe Miller. His wife Kathleen had to be let go because cronyism is sort of against the law. She immediately filed for unemployment benefits. That's right, she went on the government dole. Another example that welfare is good for Joe and his family, but bad for everyone else.

4)What candidate took federal subsidies for property he owns in Kansas?

That would be Joe Miller. Yes, it's OK for him to suck on the government teat, but he's against poor folks from doing it. Mead Treadwell also took federal subsidies for a company(about $7Million)he was on the board for - and then cashed in for a cool $1 million when he then promptly sold his interests.

5)Who applied for an Alaskan low-income hunting and fishing license after buying a $400,000 house and taking a job with a law firm?

That would be Joe Miller. I don't know, but to me it seems like he's the King of Welfare Queens

6) What candidate believes that companies should be able to discriminate against blacks, non-Christians and LGBT citizens and that it is no business of the federal government to interfere with discrimination?

That would be Joe Miller. Do read his interview with Salon. But he does support the federal Defense of Marriage Act which does support discriminating against gay marriages. 

7) What Candidate proudly welcomes the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, whose leader, Larry Pratt, is on record saying that Obama is raising a black army to kill white Americans, that liberals rejoice at mass shootings like Sandy Hook and that members of congress should have a fear of getting shot?

That would be Joe Miller. The local branch of GOA help kick off his first event this election cycle. Miller was also a buddy of Shaeffer Cox, the convicted terrorist. 

8) What candidate would put a woman in prison if she decided to get an abortion after being raped or after being a victim of incest?

That would be Joe Miller (and Treadwell too). Joe says that if a woman got an abortion after being raped or being a victim of incest, she would be punishing an innocent child. Joe, isn't that a bit too much federal overreach? Shouldn't God be the judge when a woman has such an awful decision to make? Of course, Joe (and the other republican candidates) would punish the mother in these dire situations who decided to carry the child by denying her any sort of health care, child support or child care support. Joe is a false Christian with no compassion.

9) What candidate was ordered by the courts to pay $85,000+ to the Alaska Dispatch for their legal fees after he tried to prevent them from investigating his shenanigans?

That would be Joe Miller. The court found that Miller was "Making inconsistent positions, failing to disclose information during discovery, being unavailable for his deposition, and his procedural filings which the record did not support,” caused unnecessary delays and costs for both the Dispatch and the Fairbanks North Star Borough.  

10) What candidate would build a 'Berlin Wall' to keep out illegal immigrants?

That would be Joe Miller. He would also abolish the IRS, so no word from the bright folks crunching his numbers on how the wall would be funded.

11) What candidate is a big crybaby and sore loser?

That would be Joe Miller who filed several lawsuits to disqualify votes for Lisa Murkowski during his last senate run. Of course, he not only lost election, but also the lawsuit and the appeal.

12 What candidate has his head stuck up his ass about Global Warming?

That would be Joe Miller, Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell. Joe has driven this primary so far to the right, that the other two candidates will say anything to get the lunatic fringe vote. Of course, the lunatic fringe = mainstream Alaskan republicans these days. Despite overwhelming evidence from 95%+ of climate scientists and supporting data, all three of these guys claim (without citing any legitimate sources), that global warming is simply liberal fear-mongering. Yeah, despite the fact that Alaska is taking global warming on the chin. Glaciers are melting at unprecedented rates,  coastal villages in the western and northern part of the state are getting hammered by waves from winter storms; waves that normally wouldn't happen because the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean is usually frozen for longer periods; that permafrost is melting like never before; and ocean temperatures and acidification may be having a huge negative impact on salmon and other fisheries. But these candidates, especially Joe Miller, get their marching orders from the Koch Brothers (who bankroll the Tea Party) and who have financial reasons to continue to pollute and discharge massive amounts of carbon in the atmosphere.

It's crazy to think that Joe Miller even has a chance to win the Republican primary, but all he has to do is say he's against abortion, for 2nd Amendment rights and against ObamaCare and his base couldn't care less that the man is hypocritical, a liar, and is ethically challenged.  

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