Thursday, May 14, 2009

Parkin' That Lot

Ahhh...the power of righteous indignation.

Good news for us SOLdotnans. At last night's meeting, the city council did not approve the latest plan to turn 1/2 of the Soldotna Creek Park's green space into a parking lot (see the blog report below).

The entire park plan is going to re-evaluated.

Thanks to all of the SOLdotnans who let the mayor and councilmen know that there are limits to being SOL in SOLdotna!


Anonymous said...

Good on Ya'! SOLdotna!
Don't think you can ease up on the public pressure though. We're still waiting for our Town Center property to be made useful down here.
I sing to myself sometimes.......
Someday oh someday, we'll have sidewalks instead of death ditches on Main Street.

Anonymous said...

oops.........lost my ID

KittenStCyr, Homer

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