Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kaladi's Censored Colors

The old Kaladi Brothers coffee house off of Kobuk is one of SOldotna's few gathering places where you can pretend that you live in an open-minded funky sort of town. The clientele does represent the community and is most certainly a mixture of right wingnuts and artsy free-thinkers and all points between.

Every month a featured artist displays some local art. This month, Adam Green has some of his prints adorning the walls and they are expressions of color and youth. A few are provocative: two women kissing, off-shore oil derricks and submerged trees. The one in pictured above is a silhouette of a dancing woman. Yep, as you might guess, she appears to be nude. Not that it matters, but it is less explicit than imaginative. Heck, sometimes some of the baristas here wear more revealing outfits. And no, that is NOT a complaint!

But SOLdotnans complained to Kaladi Cooperative headquarters (907.344.4480) and now the print is sashed with the 'Censored' banner.

You can buy coffee at any fast food place, or at either of the grocery stores or other such sterile environments throughout town. But K-Bros is the only place in town where you might relax, BS with friends and enjoy some local art. But those who would control your mind have now decided what should and should not be allowed here.

Exhibit 1,246 why you're SOL in SOLdotna.

Addendum: Another one for the cause - K-Bros let the censorship sash come down. Once again, the power of righteous indignation prevails.


Anonymous said...

That is great news for the artist. Two of the quickest ways to get attention or cause a spike in the value of an artist's work; 1. get banned/censored. 2. die. Where are the prudes when Hooligans has pants off party night and underware contests. On a strictly medical/clinical view, underware and barstools is just fucking nasty. Yes you can catch a scorching case of something from a drippy who-who.

Anonymous said...

pretty hilarious,

you're complaining about censorship

when you practice the same.

There's no difference in this form of censorship

than your own recent form of censorship,

I'm referring to your recent action to close off debate by locking or closing a thread.

Hypocrisy, like any other neurosis, is usually at least attempted to be hidden away or denied.

You've chosen instead to highlight it.

You're on wholly unstable ground if you think you can protest censorship on the one hand, and still think you can exercise censorship on the other.


Anonymous said...

warning of the dangers of censorship,

at the same time you practice your own censorship is hilarious.

Souldotna said...

I think we have a different definition of debate and censorship. For me, debate is the exchange of ideas with the intent of coming to conclusions that are right and just. For you, and for too many of the folks that are against health care reform, debate means name-calling, being demeaning to those with a different opinion, and substituting distortions and lies for substance.

Ever talk with a 'birther' you know, those who insist that Obama wasn't born in the US? Well no bit of reason or evidence will convince them otherwise. At some point, you just have to shake your head, wonder about the future of the country when there are so many who are so filled with hate, and walk away.

Your comments are like that - you are insulting, demeaning, and you offer nothing to back up what you say besides your own distorted sense of being right.

When I try to get you to focus or to be polite,or to back up what you say, you revert back to insults and distortion.

It's not censorship to limit discussions to open-minded and constructive comments.


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