Sunday, January 10, 2010

Local Football Star Makes $700

A few days ago, an anonymous SOL reader posted a comment wondering why an armed robbery in the FM parking lot happened to miss the Police Reports. The post implied that the incident was a bit too close to the Soldotna Police Dep't.

A few rumors began circulating, and then Saturday, on page 4 of the ADN, the story about the arrest of SoHi's former football star, Anthony Griglione, for faking a robbery in an attempt to steal drugs, was published. Michelle Quelland, Jesse Chumley-Lawson, Jesse Honrud, and a minor were involved in the incident. Griglione is now on the lam.

It's always a sad thing when kids go bad; sometimes the kids are from good families and sometimes from a dysfunctional ones. It's embarrassing to all who are related to the perps.

But it seems that if you are from a connected family, that somehow the story might be omitted from the local news or perhaps left out of the police reports submitted to the media. Michelle's father is a Soldotna policeman and Jesse is a relative of Scooter Chumley, Mayor Carey's Chief of Staff. The incident took place on December 29 - nearly two weeks ago. If some normal low-life was involved in the incident, it probably would have been front-page news the next day.

All this does is fed the rumor mill - and the faked drug deal/robbery has been the buzz of the town today. The most damning thing I've heard is that all were detained at the scene - but then, because of being connected, were later released.

But who knows?

The surest way to spread rumors is to suppress the facts about what happened

It's easy to pretend that this sort of thing doesn't happen in SOLdotna, but that is obviously not the case. While most of the student-athletes at SoHi are outstanding young men and women, this isn't the first case of the children of the powerful, including school-district administrators, being exempted from drug-related or other criminal investigations after being caught in delicate situations.

Given the hero-worship that is given to the stars of the Stars' football team, it is not all surprising that some youngsters get the impression that they can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, this is the way the world works.


Wolfe Tone said...

It will be interesting to see (if we actually get to watch) events unfold in this case.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for suggesting you were a news slacker...and there was the news before the newspapers got it. This parking lot crime and lack of what appears to be proper reporting is sad. As a parent, the whole scenario makes me ache for the families. And while it isn't good to have a double standard in any way, often people judge preacher/teacher/law enforcer's families through very different eyes. I hope this can be cared for appropriately and all who broke the law and bent the rules can be fairly corrected.
I find no joy in the "ah hah" but a tiny sense of relief it isn't happening to me and mine.

Anonymous said...

If an SPD officer's child is accused of dealing drugs and then this mess spins out of control with armed robbery, theft, assault etc. WHY is SPD investigating themselves and their family? Please step back and hand off to the Troopers. At least make an attempt at being proper before whitewashing, this kids will be kids, story.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wake up and smell the coffee! You think this is the first time an individual from a connected family has been left out of the press! How about Tim Navare and all if his DUIs! Heck if anybody researched it he should have been fired as the MAYORS CHIEF OF STAFF! We alll know it certainly wasn't his 1st DUI! Just trying to make a point! How is it Tim Navare kept his job' as CHIEF OF STAFF? There is a story to go after! What did mayor Williams do? Change Navare's job duties? Wow! There is an honest team!

Ishmael said...

Who was that hot young blonde on the Kenai City Council, who was dating Mike Navarre? Her wet t-shirt contest appearance (she came in 5th) at George's Casino was left out of the Clarion by order of the then-editor and publisher, after several visits by members of the Navarre clan to pressure them. The story had to be leaked to The Alaska Ear before it got any traction.

Anonymous said...

"Ishmael" and "Anonymous," you're not reading the Clarion very close. All of Navarre's dozen DUIs have been in the paper, along with anyone else who ends up in the police reports with a DUI. The Clarion has published the DUIs of at least three of its own staff members, for crying out loud.

As for Jackman's table dancing: What makes it news? Distasteful, yes. Gossip, yes. That's why it ended up in the Daily Snews' gossip column. But if lacking taste makes it news, please elaborate on what other distasteful things from wannabe politicians are news. Call KSRM! Mayor Porter farted in Safeway!

The local "football star?" and his loser buddies? The information was released on a Friday. The Daily Snews published it on Saturday. The Clarion published it in their next paper, on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

There was no football hero story news release by anyone on Friday. ADN broke the story Clarion "stole" I mean repeated, an AP wire digest of ADN's copy for Sunday.

There ain't no dozens of DUIs, pure hyperbole. Clarion passed on football story until ADN broke with it.

Anonymous said...

I prepaid for 3 years beacuse they gave me a deal. This sucks.

Morris Publishing announces Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Morris Publishing owns the Kenai Peninsula Clarion, the Homer News and the Juneau Empire.

Anonymous said...

The court system web site shows 108 case entries for the football star's surname. All of them third district, and the vast majority at Kenai.

...I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "I'm just saying"

Two minor consumings, one pot charge, tickets,tickets... etc for 13 entries including the current Fred Meyers story. Learn to read courtview.

Griglione, Anthony DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-06T1341068
Griglione, Anthony DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-07-X039935
Griglione, Anthony DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-07R1339847
Griglione, Anthony DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-08T1405571
Griglione, Anthony DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-09-01120CR
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-06-02285CR
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-08R1390394
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-08R1390496
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-08R1390518
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-09-00033CR
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Closed 3KN-09R1429932
Griglione, Anthony J DFNDT 09/19/1990 Open 3KN-10-00017CR
Griglione, Anthony J ON Closed 3KN-97-00644CI

Souldotna said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like a Kenai High football player just might make Griglione look a little less offensive. This is one that I do not care if the Clarion snoozes on. EWWWWWWWWWW

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