Friday, February 12, 2010

Acting Chief of Stuff: Duane Bannock

There they were just a couple of days ago, Charlie Pierce and Duane Bannock, parked in one of the handicapped spaces at the OEM Building and deep in conversation.

And the Press Release today maybe reveals what that conversation might have been about: Duane is the new acting Chief of Staff, replacing Scooter Chumley who resigned a couple of weeks ago.

Mr. Bannock is a former car salesman, who served on the Kenai City council, was fired as Director of Alaska's DMV, and most recently, the political appointee in charge of the Spruce Bark Beetle Mitigation Program. In the shuffle, Michael Fastabend will act as head of the SBBMP, and Susan Wilcox will be the Admistrative Officer for the KPB.

Some of Mr. Bannock's political views have included his support of industrial pig farms for the Kenai, state issued ID cards, private prisons, Moms, Apple Pie, and Dodge trucks.

Included in his business views was selling cars "to not very smart people". But this practice came to a legal halt, when a developmentally impaired man, under the legal guardianship of his parents, bought a car from Kenai Chrysler when Duane was the general manger. When the parents tried to return the undamaged car the next day, Mr. Bannock refused to recognize the validity of the guardianship and would neither cancel the sale nor return the man's trade-in. The parents took Mr. Bannock to court where Duane lost the verdict and the appeal.
But maybe it explains why he was parked in a handicapped parking space.


Wolfe Tone said...

To paraphrase the old Chinese curse, we'll all be 'living in interesting times'.

Perhaps you can shed some light, Soul: What, exactly, does the Borough "Administrative Officer" do?

I've heard it suggested that "Administrative Officer" is one of the duties that used to be handled by Richard Campbell.

Remember Richard? He was the 20+ year veteran (and highly competent) Borough Human Resources Director who was unceremoniously canned last year (clean your desk and get out, Campbell!) and immediately replaced by staunch Carey supporter Bonita Miller.

People I know at the Borough say that Ms. Miller, after 6+ months, still hasn't quite got a handle on the HR Director job yet.

So, perhaps handling both HR and "Administrative Officer" duties is just too much for Miller to take on, so Wilcox is relieving the burden a little.

Or, maybe it's just a way for Hizzoner™ to reinstate Wilcox's raise while at the same time trying to side-step Assembly wrath.

Ishmael said...

Holy Shiite, Duane Bannock returns. Sad day for the people of the Kenai Peninsula.

eliminatehypocrisy said...

So who will the Borough's next mayor be? There's no time like NOW to be planning for the future. That includes Assembly members, too. How about getting some smart, ethical, experienced people who have good track records geared up to run? There's no saving the Borough under Carey, just damage control and clean-up later.

AlaskaBonBon said...

During the Mayor's absence, Sue Wilcox will be the "acting mayor".

KPB 2.04.030. Powers and duties of mayor--Voluntary succession.
The mayor shall designate an administrative officer to exercise the powers and duties of the office whenever the mayor is unable to discharge those powers and duties due to his temporary disability or prolonged absence from the seat of government, or at such other times as the mayor may authorize. The mayor will inform the president of the assembly as to the administrative officer whom the mayor has designated to discharge the mayor's powers and duties at such time as the mayor may authorize.

Hire Intelligence said...

Just want you all to know that we have all been Googled. Pictures of our lovely town are now available on Google Maps. Do not zoom in on that biker chick's tramp stamp, 'cause that is just wrong.

Wolfe Tone said...

Yeah, Susan Wilcox will be "Acting Mayor."

Which is accompanied by a remuneration of 10% above her current pay.

Carey got Susan part her pay raise back, anyhoo.

Jim said...

Seems like Charlie can't read - I have seen him in other "wheelchair" labeled parking spots. When confronted, the response was something to the effect of - I was just picking her up - refering to his perfectly healthy wife.
It is a handicap PARKING spot, not a PICK HER UP spot.

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