Monday, June 07, 2010

Spending it Down

What is a poor school district to do?

Flush with stimulus money and an increase of per/student funding from the state, the KPBSD has managed to accumulate a healthy surplus.  As we all know, the school district initially received $4 million less than it requested from the borough assembly.  The assembly later added $2 million of funding, but the district knows that as long as their bank account is awash in black ink, the odds are good that the borough will fund under the cap.

The solution?

Spend, Baby, Spend.

Quite a bit of the surplus money is designated for the district's several charter schools, so these schools have been ordered to make the money go away. This summer, these school have hired teachers and administrators at per diem (from $250-$500 a day) to come work an additional 20 days.

That's 20 days without kids.  Doing what you might wonder?  Work that teachers in traditional school are expected to do on their own time: planning lessons, cleaning up the classrooms, placing orders for next year and etc.

Teachers in these charter schools are already given extra contact days without students (and thus more money) than teachers at traditional schools and this latest boon seems like ploy that has just one purpose - to get more money from the borough.


freeper said...

Rather than provide any context which would give a sense of whether or not there is any unjust expenditures, this rant sounds like nothing but sour grapes.

What's the matter, didn't get hired, so you've decided to kick over a trashcan instead ?

Dale Bagley said...

Hey Souldotna
About time you finally post something. I was wondering if that silly Freepers had chased you off. Take care and thanks for your posts even if I don't always agree with them. :)

Souldotna said...

Freep - that's what I like about you. You never have anything with substance to say, can never back anything up and the best you can do is to jump to (the wrong)conclusions about something.

But you're convinced that you are some sort of sage.

So, with these end-of-the-year bonuses given to charter school staff members, don't you think there should be a reason or purpose for them? Maybe something like they have a new curriculum to learn, or a major overhaul to their policies? But no, in this case it was simply a matter of spending money that was tucked away.

Teachers in regular school are never offered these bonuses. Even when they actually have to do all of the above

Just an advanced warning to you Freep, when you reply to this (and we know that you can't resist), unless you have some particular insight, fact, or actual knowledge to share, you won't see your blather on this forum.

Souldotna said...

Hi Dale,

No, Mr Freep is one of my motivations. If something bothers him (and most things do), I know I am on to something.

It's just been a very busy time in my life: work, family and travel.

So, will you run for Borough Mayor? That's the word on the street.

Hire Intelligence said...

Sol, Spend it or lose it was the government way to keep and or increase a budget. Oops we got too much money left over. As far as freepy, I would ignore that toxic twit of a cipher.

leewaytoo said...

so they would rather waste money
and then try to issue a bond
in order to repair the roofs
of the schools.

use the credit card vs use cash on hand.

sounds like what the repukes have
done to the tune of 10 trillion
dollars in nat'l debt.

not to mention the ongoing expenses
that will add to the nat'l debt
that can be directly attributed to
the failed policies of the

repukes the party of dipsticks

Dale Bagley said...

Hi Sol - I am thinking about running again for Mayor and so are a number of other folks, however that election is still a long way off.

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