Friday, July 23, 2010

Setting a Fine Example

What's wrong with this picture?
Addendum: after reading the comments, I suspect that the PC was
mistaken in identifying the people in the boat at CES personnel. Most likely, all were Kenai Fire Dep't. Apologies to CES for originally running with the Clarion's version of the facts.

This photo was in the PC the other day and shows the rescue crew going out to look for the man who fell in the river and is presumed to have drowned.  There's been at least 3 drowning deaths in the central peninsula the last week or so and none of the victims were wearing their pfds.

And here are the pros, the ones that tell us all to wear our life jackets.  That's right, not one of them is wearing their own.  Hopefully the boss on the dock is giving them the what-for on that!


Moe said...

The PC doesn't always get it right. The individual on the dock is with the Kenai Fire Department and the boat is a privately owned craft. Not CES.

CES policy requires any member within close proximity of the water or in a boat be in a PFD.

Everyone should wear a PFD when on the water.

Souldotna said...

Yep, the PC is known to make a mistake
more than every now and again. But it does
look like the 2 in the bow are sporting CES t-shirts with their orange float coats draped over the back of the chairs. And aren't the CES boats that green color?

I'll email the PC reporter and remove this
post with an apology to CES if the PC got it wrong.

Kenai said...


If you look at the lady on the left side of the boat you will notice her shirt does not have a maltese cross, but looks as if it says fire. CES shirts have the maltese cross, KFD has FIRE.
Further, CES rescue boats are either orange, or yellow

Hire Intelligence said...

If you look at the pants they seem to be connected to the open upper portion of the orange float suit. The boat looks like Hobo Jim's old one. I would guess that they wear the suit closed during a water rescue.

Souldotna said...

The PC did contact me and said the people in the boat were KFD personnel. The paper also printed a retraction in Sunday's edition.

Once again, apologies to CES for originally going with the caption in last week's PC.

Hire Intelligence said...

Sol, That is okay. Clarion also gave us a new town "western Soldotna"(sic). Site of the recent shooting death. FIY; Sterling is East Soldotna; Ridgeway is North Soldotna; Kasilof is South Soldotna,and Funny River is Funny Soldotna, but then again my compass sucks.

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