Monday, September 13, 2010

Agreeing to Disagree With Kyle Fisher

I received an email from Kyle this past week and he took exception to the things I posted about him  last week.  To be fair, no matter how unbalanced either of us may be, the following is a point-counter-point exchange.

Kyle:You base your entire blog on the fact that I am a member of the Tea Party.  The clip that you reference I added the caption "Check out this trailer.. you will love it."  I posted it strictly for its entertainment value, and similar to your blog, to insight discussion.  Nowhere did I say I agree, endorse, or encourage the message in the trailer.  The subject matter of the clip has to do with national spending policy, and has very little to do with a local election.

SOL: (This is in reference to a post on his FB page) Well, you don't really have any post from a sane point-of-view.  What you don't say in your response to me is if you sort of agree with the caricatures that are presented in the clip.  If you didn't, why would you post it?  If you are so easily hoodwinked by the message of that clip that you posted, why should you get the vote of people who are looking beyond partisan politics to find solutions to very real problems here on the local level?  So, is you is or is you ain't a TP sympathizer?

Kyle:  You reference Beck and Rush.  I agree with you that just because Beck or Rush say something enough, it doesn't make it true. The fact that you elude any of these entertainers would persuade my deductive reasoning or civic logic is offensive.  It would be the same as equating George Clooney and John Travolta as source of your political views and opinions.  I seriously doubt that you are that shallow.
SOL: Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.  I jumped to that conclusion because of that clip on your FB page.  By posting it, you seemed to have swallowed the propaganda of those who would rather make stuff up rather than engage in serious debate and offer real solutions to problems.  Once again I ask - what the heck do you really believe?

Kyle:You question my motivation for running and infer I will cut quality of life expenditures.  First, I'm not sure where you got the idea that I would do that.  Second, as you probably already know, as a member of the Soldotna City Council, you are required to live within the city limits.  Would it be logical to cut the quality of life that me and my family enjoy?  That doesn't make sense. 
SOL: Well, none of the tea bag philosophy makes any sense to me.  If that is your real political point of view, they are all about cutting back government services and cutting back quality of life expenditures.  Except when it benefits them.  And only if someone else will pay for it.  So, once again, the question that must be asked, is have you really swallowed the TP/Beck/Rush/Palin kool aid, and if so, just how will that affect how you vote on the things that make SOLdotna a livable place?

Kyle:You question the sincerity of my pledge to protect the Kenai River for all of the users groups.  I don't know why you question this, but I will address it.  This year I was approached by the Kenai Watershed Forum to join their board of directors.  I believe that speaks for itself.  If we do not protect the river, not only will we lose a great treasure, but will lose the biggest economic engine in our region.  To be frank, I doubt Soldotna would survive a major permanent catastrophe in the Kenai River.  We must all do our part to protect the Kenai, but I would be naive to think it could be done without governmental regulation.  

SOL: Yes, I am aware that you are on the BOD for the KWF.  And I am glad that you are sincere that the river must be protected and the only way that will be done is with government regulations. Without those, we would quickly over-fish, use the river as a toilet bowl, fill-in feeder streams, and cut down all the riverside brush. Maybe you are a closet progressive liberal? 

One last question, are you going to vote for Joe Miller?  You do know that he would say to screw the river, and make it easy for pig farms on the peninsula and vote against all fed $ and money to help protect the Kenai River and all other salmon streams in AK.


Dale Bagley said...

Kyle Fisher is a sincere hardworking person who has wanted to get into politics for a long time now. He does his homework and asks a lot of good questions. I have not found him to be extreme in his views and I think he will make an excellent city councilmember.
You push an extreme liberal view just like Rush and Beck do on the conservative side and usually the truth is somewhere closer to the middle. I am sympathetic to many of the views of the tea party movement, but I don’t agree with them on everything and don’t consider myself to be a tea party member.
I have known Joe Miller for about 11 years now. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met on National and State issues. I have never once heard him espouse the things you said at the end of your post. I realize you are going to disagree with things Joe Miller says and does, but to make things up and put words in his mouth about what he would do is just as bad as what Rush does. Joe spends many hours reading, what I consider to be boring opinion papers and researching issues on the internet. He decided to become more knowledgeable on economics so he whips out a Masters in economics at UAF. Do not demean or underestimate Joe Miller until you have talked with him first, you might not agree with him but I bet you will respect him more than you currently do.
Thank you for your blog. Even though it is very liberal, it is a local blog talking about local issues. I wish you could blog more often, but I am sure it is tough when you are out having fun all summer.

Souldotna said...

Hey Dale, Thanks for your comments. Rather than accuse, I had hoped to get Kyle to be up front about his political leanings. In this post, I stated how I perceived his positions to be based on what was posted on his FB page. At the end of every comment, I asked him if that what I percieved was what he believed.

Mr Miller has said in many public forums that he was in favor of getting federal park holdings such as Denali back in Alaskan politician hands so those places could be developed for minerals, timber and etc. He's in favor of Pebble Mine. It's not too big of a leap of faith that he'd sell out the Kenai River salmon run if there were oil or gold in them thar hills.

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