Friday, March 11, 2011

Suckers for Cox

photo by D Petri from the PC

It was just two years ago when Schaeffer Cox (the dapper gent in the hat pictured between Bob Bird and Tom Wagoner) came to the Kenai to promote his philosophies of unrestricted gun-ownership and sovereign citizen political action.  He was welcomed with open arms by Bob and Tom and given an email endorsement by Dave Carey.  Since then, Cox has been arrested a few times.  Once for beating his wife and then once for not informing a cop that he was packing heat as Cox responded to a Liberty Bell (the Sovereign Citizen phone tree) call when a fellow member was arrested.  Then yesterday, Cox was one of five arrested for plotting to kill five AK state troopers and a judge.  You can read about that incident here.

Those in the Sovereign Citizen movement claim that they are above the law and don't need to follow any rules.  There's been an uptick of SC related incidents since Obama became president including the shooting deaths of two policemen in Arkansas and the shooting of Gabby Giffords and others in Arizona a couple of months ago.

But this blog post isn't about Cox, it's about peninsula politicians.  Obviously, Wagoner and Bird are suckers for Cox's, um,  ideas, but so is Mayor Dave Carey.  Norm Olson and Mike McBride of ACT were among Cox's handlers and Gary Superman was recognized.

While Congressman Don Young isn't from the Kenai, he does represent us down in DC and Don has been a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment Task Force, of which Cox is the president of the Alaska chapter.

And why all of the political support?  Do they all really believe that we all need to be locked and loaded at all times?  Do they really believe that we should disobey the law?  Do they think that we should kill the representatives of the law?

Maybe they were just pandering for votes among from the right wing-nuts here on the peninsula.  Remember, we voted overwhelmingly for Joe Miller this last election.

If peninsula politicians don't really buy that gov't conspiracy black-helicopter stuff,  maybe they shouldn't pal around with those who do.


Aaron said...

I fully agree that this Cox guy is a really dangerous person. I have watched the groups that are associated with this ideology for some time. It is a common practice of theirs to get involved with legitimite issues, concerns, and needs of communities, and then solicit involvement by people on these issues. They then craftly move more and more towards the real ideological twists that they beleive in and use the legitimate participation of others in more reasonable issues as a rallying point. I am sure that if you were to ask many or even most of the people who attended some of those 2nd ammendment task force meetings, you would find that they in no way support the actions of these sovereign citizen, posse comatatus, right-wing extremist nut cases.

However, while I have in a moderate way provided some justification or defense for those who were at those events, I think that it is equally important for people to take a long, hard, look at their associations. The first time I heard about Cox, I knew he was trouble. I have had to deal with sovereign citizens idiots on more than one occasion.

Cox is strongly associated with Norm Olson and Ray Southwell. They share the same ideological and social views. They are also committed to violent consequences for the ongoing function of government in the United States in its current form. Norm Olson and Ray Southwell's intentions and potential actions should be considered to have no less potential for violence than that of the actions of Schaeffer Cox. People have blindly followed these nut cases and the method has been the same as we have seen. Look at Norm and Ray's actions relating to the Central Peninsula Hospital. It is no different. They attempt to garner peoples support, spread fear through utilization of small pieces of fact with incredible twists, and then provoke people to allegence and ultimately - violence. They say one thing but do another. Look into the issues between Norm Olson, Ray Southwell and their interests in Rufus Reed.

The politicians who were around for the task force meetings should have looked closer to the participants and then not attended. Since those meetings, more has come out on Southwell, Olson, Cox and others and there has been a quick distancing by many other people including some of those politicans.

I would have thought that the true intent of some of these wacko's would have been more aparent to these politicians.

Joe Miller was a good example that you used. He duped a lot of voters for sure. He is associated with these militia nut jobs. That has come out fairly well in the media. Miller is a very intelligent person and he is very manipulative. I am glad that he was ultimately unsuccessful in obtaining public office. Southwell ran for a state house seat. He got slapped in the head by voters because he could not use the subtle pretext while wearing the ridiculous uniform. Miller is really no different than Southwell, just better at lying to the public about his true beliefs.

Souldotna said...

The thing about groups like the tea baggers and the 2nd Amendment Task Force (and the Republican Party for goodness sake) is that they are funded by the likes of The Koch Bros for the primary purpose of manipulating the masses for their own political agendas. Think of these groups like you would a gateway drug - it's just an introduction to the harder stuff.

Like most Alaskans, I am a (multiple) gun owner. I occasionally hunt. But I'll be damned if I ever join groups like the NRA or the 2ATF. While they might claim to represent your rights, they are there to keep people agitated. These groups use that anger and direct it to political agendas that are not friendly toward the working and middle class - the very demographic that make up the membership.

Celia Harrison said...

@Aaron, I have been outspoken about all the right wing wackbards in the Kenai/Soldotna area and even complained about militia people working at the hospital. Most people in Alaska don't know much about workplace bullying and it is epidemic here. Healthcare is one of the top two professions where it is the worst. I have PTSD from workplace bullying. It is a real issue and destroys people's lives. This has been well researched and documented in Europe. We live in an oligarchy, so naturally it will be promoted by corporations as being a normal and even great way to treat employees. That was the one thing they were right about. Workplace bullying shootings happen in many places, but more frequently the employee becomes mentally ill, chemically dependent and commits suicide.

gsuperman said...

You take as much liberal license (no pun intended) with the truth as do your nemiseses. Look, I realize truth is really not your schtick but..........
I am not now nor have I ever been a handler for Cox. Reminds me of the slander ACT threw my way a few years back. Hope we can meet if I run for mayor.

Souldotna said...

Hi Gary,

We've met - and in that meeting I thanked you for your attempts to keep Carey on the up-and-up. You are right, this blog is for entertainment (mostly mine), not for journalism. But the truth here is that you did attend the meeting mentioned in this post and you did receive some recognition. If you were just going to the meeting out of curiosity, and that is legitimate, a bit more anonymity was called for. But you stood up and were counted as a supporter of this chest-thumping winger stuff, right? The conclusion I jumped to was just what happens when politicians pander to nut-cases.

C'mon, you have more sense than to pal around with folks like Norm, don't you?!?

It has been entertaining to see you spar with the ACT folks by the way. If anything, it bumped you over to the center a bit - after all gov't does exist to serve the people and someone has to pay for it. For the peninsula that's like hard-core Marxism. But of course, everyone still wants the gov't to plow their road.

So, are you contemplating a run for borough mayor? So far, only Dale is official. Could be a fun. Wonder if Ron or Pete will announce soon?

gsuperman said...

There were two meetings as I recall. One at KHS, the other at the sports arena. I did attend the KHS event, sat in the back and was called out for introduction. At the time I was doing the radio show and was solicited to go. That's a far cry from being a handler, I believe your piece was about the other event. Pal around with Norm? C'mon, tune in to reality. I believe Ron will announce soon and there will be others jumping in to give the voters a wide choice along the spectrum.

freeper said...

I didn't see Gary Superman denounce the ideology and actions of Cox and the others.

I did not see that at all.

Souldotna said...

Freeper's comment is exactly the point I was making in the blog post. If you're going to go and be recognized like that, shouldn't you be clear about your position?

Please Gary, take this opportunity to tell us what you really think of the militia in your backyard, the over-grown boys who insist on openly carrying their weapons on the streets, and the sense of political apocalypse those folks envision. I'd even give you a guest slot in the main section.

As a former host of Sound-Off, you do have to give me some latitude with this blog. When was the last time anything factual was allowed on Sound-Off, or any of Mr Davis's radio stations for that matter.

Someone's gotta represent the liberal lamestream media around here.

Michael Modern said...

Would you please check out the following AK blog and consider posting it on your site:


Souldotna said...

Michael - I've made that link. A bit of reciprocity would be appreciated!

BTW, a while back I made a similar post about the stars and bars being displayed here in SOLdotna.

freeper said...

Gary was quick to attempt to create some kind of excuse that he thinks may have provided some plausible deniability for himself, but he has disappeared when confronted with publicly taking a stand.

I think that tells everyone all they need to know.

Politicians who wish to play both sides of the street aren't representing their constituents, they are representing their own ambitions by trying to appear as all things to all people.

There's no accountability in that. That's not showing a commitment to public service, that's showing a commitment to personal ambitions.

The only running Gary should consider is running back to where he came from. His kind of non-committal isn't what's needed.

Hire Intelligence said...

The Kenai gets a mention in the Cox et. al. indictment. Page 13

gsuperman said...

I know this is and old issue but thought I'd check back in. Take a Stand? I've always taken stands, that's why the liberals think I'm reactionary and the reactionaries think I'm liberal.Tell me, who was on the top of the ACTs' shit list all the years I was on the Assembly. Who was on the top of the District's list last year when I was out on point in cutting their budget for the first time in over twenty years last year. I'm done with this Cox shit, not the first time someone has tried to drag me through the mud with mindless spin. Freeper, I certainly do support the 2nd Amendment; don't you?

freeper said...

Gary Superman again you most emphatically did not denounce the ideology and actions of Cox and the others.

Thanks for making that very clear, Gary. Your refusal to answer the question speaks very loudly.

By refusing to address what I said and talking about anything but what I said, it's clear you don't wish to address what I did say.

That's a typical diversionary tactic of those who hope to avoid being held accountable.

Gary, I don't care about your theorizing in regards to why or whether some people call you a liberal or a reactionary. That's irrelevant.

Similarly, I don't care at all about where you think you might stand with ACT, the District, or any other group unrelated to the question I posed. That's also completely irrelevant.

Asking the rhetorical question of whether I support the Second Amendment is also irrelevant. That is just another diversionary tactic. The question wasn't whether you support the Second Amendment.

I do not see Gary Superman denouncing the ideology and actions of Cox and the others.

All that pretense about taking a stand is simply disingenuous.

You might wish and hope to be done with this, but I think it's an issue that will make or break any political aspirations. Evasion and diversion isn't going to allow you to sidestep the question.

The question remains.

All that's lacking is your answer.

For now, I'll go with the headline, 'Gary Superman refuses to denounce the ideology and actions of domestic terrorists'.

Any potential campaign manager is sure to love you for that.


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