Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get Well Soon

The CPGH is in the news again and there are two interesting developments.  The first story to break is that Mayor Carey has been given the green light to enter private negotiations to rewrite the lease and operating agreements the borough and the hospital currently have.

In typical Carey Speak, the mayor is quoted in the CP as saying “One of the things we agreed to … was that while we are involved in discussions, we won’t give details of what we are talking about...Basically we want to get some changes made and then once we get them made, we are going to let people know what they are and why."

So, AFTER the changes are made, he'll let the public know what they were and why we need them.

Isn't that backwards?  If the changes are good and needed, shouldn't we be on board with the process from the get-go?  And please let me know of ANY decision Dave has made in his tenure that made sense.  Do we really want HIM to be making these decisions?

The follow-up story is that Ryan Smith is resigning from his post as CEO of the hospital to take a similar position at a smaller hospital in Wyoming.  Maybe there is a connection, maybe not.

What I find curious is that here we are in the land where Joe Miller gets more votes than anyone, yet most every resident wants the borough government to retain ownership and control over the hospital. Maybe there is the sense that despite how high medical costs already are, if the hospital was to entirely become a private enterprise, the costs of medical care would skyrocket and maybe the level of care with plummet.

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Hire Intelligence said...

KSRM has Carey negating his way with the hospital.

Carey on CPGH Lease

Mayor Carey said that the negations will continue between the Borough, CPGH Inc. Board, and the Service Area Board.

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