Monday, August 29, 2011

Ear to the Ground

The Kenai Borough's mayoral race had two mentions in this Sunday's ADN's Ear .  First up was a bit about how a fund-raiser for Mike Navarre had across-the-aisle supporters including  some influential Rs such as Lisa Murkowski, Gail Phillips and Arliss Sturgulewski.

Considering that Dale Bagely, the leading R in the race, was a strong backer of the scoundrel, Joe Miller, it's no surprise that Lisa might back someone like Mike.

The other mention the Kenai received was Fred Sturman's malapropism (I hope) when he stated on the KDLL political forum, that the Kenai was a monogamous stream.  He's not the only candidate that has trouble pronouncing anadromous.   Didn't another candidate say that the river was androgynous?  I guess it's all about sex, so they are at least on-topic.

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