Monday, February 04, 2013

SOL in Alaska

Oh, Crap, and I literally mean Oh, Crap. 

One of the first bits of legislation passed by the Republican controlled House of Representatives has been HB80 sponsored by Republican Governor S Parnell. It repeals the rest of the citizens initiative passed back in 2006 that prohibited cruise ships from pumping sewage into Alaskan waters.  Parnell had previously weakened the initiative by cutting back a cruise ship tax that was meant to finance the infrastructure in those towns that were impacted by cruise ship tourists. It was just COINCIDENCE that Parnell proposed the tax roll-back after the cruise industry treated the governor to a cruise.  Move along people, there's nothing to see here, just republicans serving their masters.  Oh, and that is not you, fine citizens of Alaska.

HB 80 pretty much give a green light to cruise ships to dump their sewage and waste water most anywhere and without having to bother to tell people where they took their dump.  I can see there will be a lot of happy commercial fishermen out in PWS, Glacier Bay and the gulf as they pull in nets filled with shit.

So, the voters of Alaska approve of an initiative, and Republicans feel that they can go around the desires of the people?  Obviously...

Unless it is something that they don't really want to do.

Quoted yesterday, House Speaker, Mike Chenault of Nikiski said "The voters have spoken..." voicing his reluctance to support resurrecting a coastal management program. A program he opposes because he doesn't want local communities to have a say in what might happen in their areas.

But from out of the other side of his mouth, Chenault has no problem ignoring what the voters have said about cruise ship sewage. 

Folks, it is only going to get worse!


Hire Intelligence said...

It is a flat out $ell out. I am sick of the lot of them. No need for Bill Allen and the CBC, big business will just buy(rent is cheaper) them by the six pack and park them in Juneau. Pogo was right, "We met the enemy and he is us."

Celia Harrison said...

The corruption in this state never gets better, only worse. It is both amusing and terrifying at the same time.

Lois Epstein said...

Please call Senator Peter Micciche's office ASAP (or other Senators if they represent you) and ask him to vote against HB 80. The main number in the Capitol is 907-465-3800 and they will transfer you.

Here is an excellent Anchorage Daily News article from 2/10/13 about the bill and what's happening in Juneau:

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