Monday, April 08, 2013

The Alaskan GOP: The Party of Bear-Shit Crazy

Being an Alaskan political blogger has become a full-time occupation since the current legislative session began in January. Our local republicans have been accused of conflicts of interest (Micciche); ignoring the US Constitution (Chenault); padding their paychecks by keeping office supply money (Chenault and Olson); reinventing history by exonerating Exxon from culpability in the Exxon Valdez oil spill (Olson); sending an email to a secretary with the message 'What a crock of shit'(Chenault); making fart jokes in the Alaska House of Representatives (Chenault) and explaining why he voted to override a citizens' initiative and thereby letting cruise ships dump sewage in coastal areas by saying that Anchorage already does so (Micciche).

In this breaking story, GOP Party Chairperson, Debbie Holle Brown has now barricaded herself in the Republican Party Headquarters in Anchorage, had the locks changed and has threatened to have anyone entering the building arrested. Apparently, she's doing this to keep the old guard (Randy Ruedrich) from re-taking control of the party after Brown and fellow teabagger, Russ Millete took over in the Ron Paul coup last year.  Ruedrich already out maneuvered Millette by exposing Russ's lack of fund-rasing experience and general incompetence and had Millette demoted...


April 9th Update:
Debbie's out.  The GOP executive committee voted to remove Brown as the chairperson citing that she had raised less than $1000 for the party.  Since expenses were around $4000/month, the executive board said it was business, not politics that guided their decision.


Hire Intelligence said...

There was a six page letter from Wayne Anthony Ross (WAR) where he explains to the GOP why the GOP cannot do what they just did. Mostly WAR's letter talked about himself. Please, please, sue yourselves and do put it on TV. The producers of Honey Boo Boo are coming to do a show about Hooligan's Molly, according to Molly. It would not take much for a Debbie does the GOP show to be added on to the shooting schedule. When did being insane qualify for leadership in GOP, this crazy crap has got to scare the reasonable people away and conversely draw in the whacked out fringe. There is no shame, just raw self-promotion of an agenda headed for disaster.

jamie said...

Well, yeah, but at least they haven't displayed the shameless moral depravity of an Interior Democrat who was condemned for violating the sanctity of the House floor by - gasp - sticking out his tongue. I mean, gotta have principles, right?

Hire Intelligence said...

Debbie Brown now claims that she had fired the GOP members that had fired her, only she had fired them first so they could not have fired her, understand? I like her logic. Her lock them out move was a classy banana republic tactic. “First Fired” or is it fired first, that will be the decision left to the courts?

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