Friday, February 10, 2006

Those Darn Letters

We're all SOL in SOLdotna - and those who are deepest in it are often repeat Letter to the Editor writers. You can't fix stupid, but you can laugh at 'em!

Mr. and Mrs. Keller. Avid Letter to the Editor contributors to the PC, Mr. Keller has threatened to move because SOLdotna and the Kenai Borough are taxing him to death (we pay some of the lowest property taxes in the nation). He recently ranted about a tax the city of SOLdotna has been unjustly charging him. It seems Keller has a SOLdotna address, but actually lives just out of town (and downriver from the wastewater treatment plant) – and so shouldn’t be billed a 34 cents a month phone tariff. Dude, your $350,000 property is downriver from the sewage that SOLdotna dumps in the Kenai everyday – maybe you should tell them to keep the pocket change and give all of that shit the deluxe treatment.
Not to be outdone, Mrs K's most recent letter let SOLdotna know that unless you back W 100%, you couldn't possibly support our troops. Uh??...Hello, Mrs K - wake up and smell the shite! When we eventually pull our troops out - the government in Iraq will look just like it does today. The USA will be hundreds of billions of dollars poorer, a new generation of jihadists will be well-trained and motivated, and many more of our best, bravest, and most dedicated young men and women will have their lives obliterated or devastated. Support our Troops - bring 'em home!

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