Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Bad John vs Desperate Dave: Borough Mayor

Hope that some of you caught the KDLL segment featuring the two candidates for bourough mayor. Agree or not with Williams and his policies and methods, he did come across at least with more than a basic understanding of the complexities of running government services.

Carey, as you might expect if you've ever had a 5 minute conversation with him, is completely clueless and relies on wrapping the flag around the issues and defaulting to honoring our veterans. And to think he taught government and civics for years. For some reason, painting fire hydrants red, white and blue is high on his agenda. Dave, dogs here in SOLdotna like to pee on those things - so do some of my friends. That's a time-honored function of fire hydrants!

I sort of like that Williams stands up to A.C.T. Personally, I don't like some North Road idiots setting borough and SOLdotna policy. We can get ourselves in deep shit here without your help!

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