Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How the Dems can win in '08: Step One

Sarah Palin as Veep?

Part of the reason we're SOL in Soldotna is that Palin is a PAIN in Alaska!

This should be the best news for the Democrats - but the party that loves to lose can't seem to figure out how to respond to the shot in the rear her selection as #2 has given to McCain and the Republicans.

Well, you don't go after her directly, you go after her by questioning the wisdom, judgment (and sanity) of McCain. These are the themes Obama used so eloquently at the Democratic convention last month. Don't even mention her name when you go after McCain's decision to select her as his veep.

For example, the selection of the Alaskan quarter, global warming, and the polar bear being listed as threatened species is ripe for slamming the Republiscams.

Simply have Barack, Joe or some responsible Dem spokesperson hold up 2 quarters - the brown bear that was selected and the polar bear that wasn't and say something like this:

"Alaska recently selected the brown bear as the its state's quarter - a nice design, but the brown bear is hardly unique to Alaska. The governor did not choose the polar bear despite the fact that Alaska is the only state where this magnificent animal lives. Well, there's republican politics at play with this decision.

"We've just endured eight years of the Bush administration ignoring and circumventing sound science. Now John McCain has selected someone as his vice presidential candidate who operates in the same fashion. Despite overwhelming scientific research supporting listing the polar bear as a threatened species, the State of Alaska, under the administration of the Republican vice-presidential candidate has sued the federal government citing that there was no evidence to support the claim. (You can read her OpEd piece in the NYTimes here) She wrote "My decision is based on a comprehensive review by state wildlife officials of scientific information from a broad range of climate, ice and polar bear experts."

"Yet, the governor has in fact chosen to ignore the findings of her own scientists - she want as far as to suppress their findings and kept this information from seeing the light of day (Read the ADN article). Alaskan scientists just happen to agree with the Department of the Interior's scientists - the polar bear is indeed threatened.

"Republicans like to argue that any finding that doesn't fit with their agenda is 'junk', but the truth is that they toss any valid research that contradicts their extreme positions into the junk pile.

"Do we really want four more years of Republicans hiding the truth from the American people?

"John McCain's straight talk express is just straight away from the truth."

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