Friday, June 12, 2009

The Showdown: Carey vs the Borough Assembly

Has the weather been great or what? Who wants to blog when it's 70+ and sunny? But just because SOL has been out in the Sol, it doesn't mean that there isn't a lot going on around town.

Mayor Carey vetoed Ordinance 2009-23 which had provided an appeals process to upper management positions in the borough, claiming the law would take away his right " to have loyal, able and competent staff."

Yeah, an able and competent staff is his right - it's not like he would appoint a used car salesman to run the spruce bark beetle mitigation program or anything of the sort, right?

And maybe not so coincidentally, the PC ran a story about Bonnie Golden, the Grant's Manager that Dave fired for no apparent reason. Mr Fiscal Conservative now proposes to hire someone for that position for $10K more than what Bonnie was being paid.

And speaking of looking out for the taxpayer's dollars, Mr Carey submitted a $60K increase to the budget for his personal staff. When questioned about this increase by Hal Smalley, Carey conveniently couldn't recall any details.


Anonymous said...

hmm, the article says Bonnie resigned. and didn't she already RETIRE during the Williams administration? She said she was staying to "help" for two or three years and now she wants to say she was being fired? And as for someone making $10k more than Bonnie made, how much DID Bonnie make? I agree all of the decisions don't seem above board, but sounds to me like she has sour grapes, too.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:29 pm:
There's far more to the Bonnie Golden episode than has been published.
If you have an opportunity, chat with a few of the middle-management employees from the White House on Binkley Street.
Most will only speak candidly if guaranteed anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Carey is an incompetent bumbling idiot.

That much should be more than evident by now.

His actions are rightly a matter of concern for the assembly and the assembly is working to minimize the damages past and future.

On another note,

speaking of the borough,

I've noticed some innocuous appearing notices for a public meeting.

All that is referenced is a proposed 'recreational' service area.

What this really is, is the first step to create a new way to tax residents so the balloon crowd can charge off the more than 50 million dollars for their covered soccer field.

These 'public meetings' don't mention the 50 million dollars or the blow up bubble to cover a field.

I find that to be quite a bit less than transparent.

In the peak of the summer, a 'meeting' no one is likely to attend could end up providing the spark that results in taxpayers later waking up and getting a 50 million dollar tax bill handed to them.

Where are the so-called 'journalists'?

Anonymous said...

Carey is absolutely in the pocket of the anti-government, anti-tax, paranoid the government is going to take my gun, teabaggers. Anywhere he goes he brings his handlers with him. I find it disturbing that he ever taught government to students. If I were as paranoid as they were I would be saying Carey's purpose was to destroy the borough government. But I think the reality of the story is that he owes his handlers jobs and favors. His idea of giving stimulus money back to the public sounds a little socialist to me.

Anonymous said...

It is still unbeliveable that a "Qualified" administrator.. (Mayor) would get rid of a number of very well qualified people and hire the most unqualified people to run our government. I am sure this will come home to haunt all of us soon. "Car salesmen"... among them.

Wolfe Tone said...

I listened to at least part of (all I could stand, anyway) the broadcast of Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting last night.

Souldotna, if you sat through the whole thing, you're made of far sterner stuff than I.

The repeated "public comments" emanating from Teh Stupid™ made my head hurt.

I had to shut it off, take two aspirin, and go to bed.

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