Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Michigan Militia - coming to a hospital near you!

No one else applied to be on the Central Peninsula Hospital advisory board, so Norm Olson, the former commander of the Michigan Militia, was appointed to fill the open slot this past Monday. This is the same guy who claimed that the FBI and the Japanese government were behind the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing and then later tried to organize militias in the south to storm the hospital in Florida where Terri Shiavo was a patient. Ms Shiavo was the comatose woman who attracted national attention when her husband wanted to remove her from life support. Olson’s plans were thwarted when he contacted Shiavo’s father about this plan, but rather than acquiescing to the insanity of Olson, the father contacted the FBI instead.

And he wants to be on a hospital advisory board?!?

Mr. Olson, a contributor to white supremacy groups, has some of the most extreme anti-government views around, so it’s strange that he is now getting involved in area politics – but according to a statement he made when he moved to the Kenai a couple of years ago, one of his goals is to overturn ‘silly laws’.

Hal Smalley, the Kenai representative on the borough assembly, is looking into the appointment. More on this appointment as information becomes available.


Wolfe Tone said...

It's fascinating.
The more I read about Norman E. Olson, the more he appears to me to be a head case.

Matt Osborne said...

Wolfe, "head case" applies to most fascists, and that's exactly what he is. When he talks about overturning "silly" laws he means replacing the rule of law with the rule of Olson.

KittenStCyr said...

Cheers to you souldotna for getting the word out. Dangerous people thrive in darkness,
thanks for shining a light.

Anonymous said...

It's really good to see another (and I might add rather refreshing) perspective on what the bleep has been going on in Souldotna and Kant I Peninsula Boro.
As to the budget, I'm reminded of Reagan,"I just can't recall....I don't remember....."

Hire Intelligence said...

This is just plain spooky. WTF were they thinking. Was a Resume' given? "I used to run a militia in Michigan till they ran me out of the state!" I request that all meetings be recorded and saved for all the wonderous Olsonisms that may spew forth.

Ishmael said...

I may be a day late and a dollar short on commenting here, but I just discovered your blog.....

It's not surprising that Olson tried to blame someone else for the Oklahoma City Bombing.... Timothy McVeigh was trained by the Michigan Militia under Olson!

I tried to raise the flag about Olson six or so years ago when he moved to Nikiski, but nobody cared.....

Nice blog - keep up the good work!


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