Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Seating Chart

Borough Mayor Dave Carey is making a list (and checking it a few times every week), of employees who are sitting down at their desks. Apparently this holdover from his teacher days, is his way of checking that borough employees are doing their job serving the citizens of the Kenai. So, if you are looking up a file, checking out a map, attending a meeting, of good heavens, using the restroom, your lack of dedication is noted.

No word if red licorice is given to those sitting at their desks.


AlaskaBonBon said...

What Carey has yet to realize is that many employee duties require them to be away from their desks, or even out of the building. Such a huge learning curve here for Carey that he may never "get it".

NEVER EAT THE RED LICORICE; I've seen the same candy placed directly on tables (not in the jar) at three different meetings on the same day.

KittenStCyr said...

Yes, Mayor Dave wants everyone
to look busy and stay out of the way.

Anonymous said...

To hell with the red licorice: Don't eat ANY of his candy. And stay away from his Kool-Aid, too.

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