Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kenai River Classic

The Kenai River Classic is happening this weekend and you may have noticed that this fishing derby gets listed under "The Bad" about SOLdotna.


In the past, the Classic was nothing more than a chance to get powerful lobbyists representing defense contractors and the oil companies together with influential state and national politicians to work their behind-the-scene magic and secure profits. Sure, some money was tossed back to the Kenai River Sportfishing Association under the guise of river conservation, but used for more river access (with some fishing platforms and bank preservation projects)and to fund KRSA's crusade against commercial fishing.

Uncle Ted is absent from this year's Classic - but Don "Mr Clean" Young heads up the celebrity draw. No word on the lobbyists attending this year.

It would be nice to see some transparent accounting of what actually transpires and where the money actually goes.


Anonymous said...

Don't expect things to be any different. Among the private jets parked at Kenai Municipal is a Gulfstream from Bank of America. Stay tuned.

Wolfe Tone said...

I've seen the "participant" list. It consists mostly of high-flying lobbyists, some state legislators and some members of Congress, including Don Young and Lisa Murkowski.

Yeah. It's for the protection of the Kenai River.

That's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

Smart players do not have their planes easily identified, shell corps and holding companies. After The Big Three and their jets in D.C. looking for handouts cloaking the N numbers is the game. Track the routes and you get a clue. No press about the Classic since Uncle Ted was investigated.

Anonymous said...

I hate that river access bullshit too.

Let's turn the whole river into drift only fishery.

Where's the take out on the lower river below Eagle Rock going to be?

Oh that's right, that would take providing more access.


souldotna said...
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souldotna said...

eah - drift-only below eagle rock might be difficult, especially if you didn't consult a tide book. You used to be able to take out at cunningham park. But it seems like a reasonable compromise - drifting above ER and power below. Make all new guiding permits follow that rule. Gradually increase the number of drift-only days over the next few years. The result? A quieter, cleaner, safer and saner Kenai Rive experience for all.

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