Sunday, October 04, 2009

Scott 'McNasty' McLane

SOLdotnans just received a political mailing entitled with the rather official sounding Soldotna City Council Voter Information. It offers a side-by-side comparison of the four city council seats up for selection this coming Tuesday.

But it is not an official brochure. It's from Scott McLane and it presents a bitter and warped perspective of the four candidates that are running to re-examine the Knight Drive cemetery location decision. Each and every one of the challengers are characterized as being unwilling to compromise on this issue. How would one compromise? Bury half of a corpse in Redoubt and the other half in Knight Drive? It is just as reasonable to conclude that each of the incumbents are unwilling to compromise as they refuse to consider the Redoubt site.

Three of the challengers are said to have been "coerced by Peggy Mullin to run at the last minute". If anyone thinks that Peggy could force Dale B or Nels A to do anything that they didn't want to do, there's a condo across from the police station that you should consider buying. I don't know much about Brenda H, but I hope that we are all adults here and can respect the decisions of other grown-ups.

To think that Dale or Nels will be one-issue candidates is also a joke. Nels has been involved in local politics for years and certainly has the experience, understanding and knowledge of the community that it is laughable to think that he will be only about the cemetery.

The same with Dale. He has been involved at many levels of local politics for years and years. It's actually kind of funny that he is running on a platform with Peggy Mullen as I would be willing to bet that the two of them will butt heads about almost every other issue to come before the council.

Each and every one of the incumbents has three or four community service accomplishment shout-outs listed (none of the opposition, according to McNasty, ever did one nice thing in their lives).

The small print at the bottom of the mailing mentions that no other candidate authorized the info on McLane's advertisement. That's a good thing. Participation in such a negative, slanted, and misleading campaign is reason enough not to vote for someone.

And in Scott's case, he has now lost any credibility and now has become a bit of a sleaze.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad Scott doesn't realize that in attempting to tear others down, he is only diminishing himself. Any wavering I might have been doing over my vote has been resolved by his mailing - but not in the way he hoped.

Anonymous said...

Today is all about the communities you live and work in. Your place in the world will be something you'll be questioning today, and that is totally normal and wonderfully healthy. Do you take the same role in every situation? Are you always the leader, always the follower, or do you take turns in this role? These are the questions you should address; you need to make sure you're being true to yourself and not compromising for the sake of popularity or politics.

Anonymous said...

COUP of The Dead people platform take control of the Living in Soldotna

Souldotna said...

Yep...a new crew for SOLdotna. The next city council meeting should be good fun to see. Will the mayor manage to be civil? And how soon after a new cemetery vote will the coalition fall apart? You can't help
but wonder if the Anti-redoubt 4 would have done better if they could have just abandoned their superficial
NIMBY 'tude and presented rational reasons for their opposition to Redoubt. Just maybe, there are a couple of legit reasons not to favor the redoubt site, but those given in the media - especially by McLane and Rohloff were all BS.


Dale Bagley said...

Oh come on! How can you say Nels has been involved in politics "for years" and for me you use the term "for years and years" That makes me sound old.
Just kidding.
While Nels has been involved in the school board before I first ran for office and after I got out of office in 2005, I am sure my involvement must seem a lot longer to you. :)
Thanks for your input on the cemetery issue.

Anonymous said...

not old, dale,

just trite and tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Peggy Mullin's a great lady on all fronts and the Council is very lucky to have her.

We'll see how the mayor handles things with this newly elected cast of characters. Not a group that can be controlled, that's for sure. We'll find out what PM's really made of over the next year. My bet is it will be a real eye opener for the citizens of SOLdotna.

Buckle your seatbelts.

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