Friday, October 30, 2009

Sing Kum-Ba-Ya

To paraphrase Mayor Micciche's opinion piece in the Clarion this past Wednesday, let's be nice if and when Soldotnans disagree in the future. I thought he might lead the city council in singing the campy anthem of harmony at that evening's meeting. And just like that the council voted unanimously to approve the Redoubt cemetery site. An unsuccessful council candidate did stand and speak against the inevitable and predicted massive fish kills if the Redoubt site was approved and if a settling pond wasn't to be put in there. But that was not really a problem was the public works director's response. I don't know if it ever occured to the Mooring on the River folks to give actual and factual reasons not to locate the cemetery at the Redoubt site there, but it just might have helped their cause to be a bit more honest about their opposition and not make up so much stuff.

By the way, the council unanimously approved every item presented. Maybe they sung Kum Ba Ya during the executive session!


Anonymous said...

Honest answers about the Redoubt Site. MONEY! 600 feet from Redoubt to the edge of the site, if the road is straight and narrow. How cheap is that? Next, water/sewer/gas/electric? You know my tired ass old cheap self thinks we just bought us a really high priced free piece of dirt cemetery. The new development costs will make the former site look like WalMart prices compared to Saks 5th Ave. No trades allowed for any dirt swap with the Boro makes this deal even costlier. Show the public the numbers for both sites. Try putting the real costs to a vote of the people. You know I want a Cadillac but I drive a ford.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the fireworks when the mayor doesn't get his way with something.

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