Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prankster Wanted: Apply at

We slammed John Davis and his radio stations on this blog a few weeks ago, but if there is anyone out there that REALLY wants to annoy Mr Davis, I suggest that you log on to

It isn't there.

Apparently John forgot to renew his domain name and now it is up for auction.  For $79, you can begin bidding on his URL.  And what fun one could have with the call letters:

Kenai's Shameless Republican Machinations
Kenai's Self-Righteous Moron

Just click through Backorder Domain and let the hijinks begin!


freeper said...

You've pranked yourself.

That's a significant accomplishment that you shouldn't be real excited to advertise.

Your 'hi-jinks' aren't worthy of granting you entry into the hallowed ranks of actual pranksters.

The domain name registration for has been a owned fellow by the name of Tony Karraa.

He's from Pennsylvania and he's had the domain name for years and years.

He owns a company that. purely based on speculation, bought letter combination domain names in the hope of inflating their value and selling them to radio stations which might have had the same call letters.

HIs most recent contract for, was created several years back, and doesn't expire until November 13, of 2014.

Yes, you could bid for the right to buy it from Tony, but John Davis doesn't own it.

So, to recap and debunk your attempt to create this fictional 'prank', there's no reality to your hi-jink.

John didn't let his domain lapse, he didn't fail to pay for his web site.

It may be unfortunate that John and KRSM radio can be found on the web, but there's no reality to support anything of what you've posted.

Might I suggest in the future you find actual issues and information to impart to your readers.

Try something based in reality next time, you might find by doing that, you might actually impart something of value.

Souldotna said...

Nyah, Nyah na Nyah yah...You know something I don't know.

My, aren't you smug and self-righteous!

So, Tony Karraa apparently didn't renew his claim to the domain name. It's up for bid and anyone can bid. And it starts at $79. So...there's no real error in what I wrote.

The post was simply a respite from greed, corruption, hypocrisy and the usually central peninsula day-to-day.

Lighten up dude.

Ishmael said...

I would name it King Solid Rock Ministries.

Oh, wait.....

Ishmael said...

I think I meant K - Solid Rock Ministries.

I was confusing it for a second with the station KJNP, which mean King Jesus North Pole.

Ishmael said...

I see (not dot com? Huh), is up, and has lost that mid-90s hand-made look.

Souldotna said...

PS Freepers - You don't get it. Lighten up - it's all for's just to kid around...don't get your knickers in such a twist...take your meds...who really cares?...I don't expect anyone to really take up the prank suggestion, and what if they did?...are you foaming at the mouth? Do you LIKE foaming at the mouth? Do take your meds...It's all just for fun...

freeper said...

Still trying to maintain you haven't acted the fool?

Seems you think you can solve all your inconsistencies and half-baked false assumptions by editing out and censoring any reality you don't wish to deal with.

That's some serious insecurity at work.

Good luck with that.

You could always publish a correction and show you've got some integrity and character.

Nah, why start something you've never done before, right ......

Souldotna said...

Freeper - Dude, you have some serious issues. Aside from your need to be right about something of no consequence, you seem a bit angry and, well, crazy.

Does it really matter who owns the domain name? No. Someone forgot or didn't want to pony up for the nominal fee that retains the rights to the name. If it is the person you claim and not John D, congratulations. You got me there. I didn't argue with the content of your first comment, just your tone.

I published your original, spiteful comment and pointed out that the blog post was just sort of for fun. No crime was committed by a public figure, no accusations were made by me. The blog post was for fun - imagine what you could do if you bid for the domain name.

But your incessant need to be right for something where there is no wrong is a sign that you have some mental health issues. As a concerned SOLdotnan, I urge you to seek some help. I am sure I am not the only person in your life who has told you that. Carrying such anger is unhealthy for you.

How about you try something here. In your next comment, be nice. If you perceive that I have made some error, well try a lighter approach.



freeper said...

Oh sure, I'll be 'nice'.

Be respectful in return and publish my response.

You say:
"Does it really matter who owns the domain name? "
I say, yes, it does matter, especially when you publicly publish inaccurate information as to specific ownership.

It's not 'nice' to publish fiction masquerading as fact.

You say:
Someone forgot or didn't want to pony up for the nominal fee that retains the rights to the name.

Actually, you said a specific person who never owned the rights forgot or didn't want to pay to retain rights that specific person never had.

That was another fiction. Not nice.

When shown that your claim was fiction, you went on to say the actual owner, (Karraa), 'forgot or failed to pay to retain his rights and you further stated this meant you had made no error.

It's only nice to point out that both subsequent claims made by you were both, more fictions, they were false.

And you still argue that those statements are not false.

You say:
I didn't argue with the content of your first comment, just your tone.

You did argue, despite your claim that you were only addressing my 'tone', you compounded your erroneous fiction yet once more.

You still say: accusations were made by me.

If you discount the false allegations you did make, maybe you could convince yourself of that, but in truth, it's another fiction.

You say;
I have ....'an incessant need to be right for something where there is no wrong'.

I do insist that reality be portrayed at least with some degree of verifiable connectedness to reality.

You infer that denotes mental instability or sickness ?

Doctors would suggest that mental instability is more correctly diagnosed in those who insist that repeating fiction should be able to stand as a reasonable replacement for reality.

You go on to insist that I'm 'angry'.

Let's analyze that a bit.

Am I angry that on more than one occasion when your erroneous and false published fictions are revealed to be false, that you then resort to censoring comments and/or omitting, disallowing comments which provide evidence contrary to your false assertions ?

I'm not yet 'angry' about that, even though it's happened a number of times before.

I don't get angry about what I can't control.

It's not productive to get 'angry' about a short coming that isn't one of my behavioral traits.

All I can do, is comment and provide evidence which unveils what reality lies behind other's attempts to portray fiction as reality.

Speaking of being 'nice'.

When actual journalists print false information, they print actual retractions regretting their errors and attempt to correct the record.

It would be 'nice' if you did the same.

(and not just in this one instance....)

So, print this comment, in it's entirety, see if you can't bring yourself to correct your erroneous suppositions.

If you wish to do so by 'applying your light touch', that's alright with me, I'll only continue to insist that there is at least a semblance of reality throughout.


Souldotna said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case.

OMG said...

WOW I tried this address a couple weeks ago and found the same dead address, it works now. John must have found his $79 bucks.

highonahill said...


It's KSRM, not KRSM...

highonahill said...


It's KSRM, not KRSM...

freeper said...

care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222

Record expires on 01-Apr-2015.
Record created on 01-Apr-1998.

Domain servers in listed order:


freeper said...

Fancy that, would you...

....same company owns the domain,

....same company owned by the same Tony Karaa,

...domain ownership is located at the same Pennsylvania address,

domain is even sitting on the same servers.

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