Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Putting a Cap in Education

What's a borough mayor to do? You've already come out against funding the school district to the cap, but aside from the vocal hysteria from the ACT folks, there's absolutely no traction with that idea anywhere on the Kenai.  As a former teacher, Dave might have some insider-information about waste in the school district, but the change of administration over there has been a bit more above-board and Carey really can't point out anything that is obviously egregious spending.  The move to offer distinct programs at the three central peninsula high schools and letting students enroll in what meets their needs has been a positive change and big potential cost-saver as programs wouldn’t be duplicated in these schools.

So, Carey announces that three assembly members support cutting back what the KPB gives the KPBSD.  Only Carey won’t say which three.  In today’s PC, the Clarion reported that they called all of the assembly members, and only one could remember having that conversation with the mayor.  Assembly President, Pete Sprague is in favor of funding to the cap though.  Gary Superman did not respond to the reporter’s phone message, but even if he agreed with the mayor, that would just be one person.

Perhaps Dave is stalling for time, appeasing the ACT folks and trying to build up support.  If an assembly person is in favor of cutting back the borough contribution, they should just come out and say so.  Without that, Carey’s words are empty and an example of political doublespeak.

Does Carey have a point though – should the KPB no longer fund the KPBSD to the cap?  Unless Dave can point out specific things he thinks are unnecessary, all he is doing with his stance is thumping his chest and pandering to the tea-baggers.


freeper said...

Carey doesn't have a point on this issue, and for that matter, he has yet to come up with even one clear and valid point on any issue in several miserably unsuccessful previous attempts of his to assume he did have a point.

With each pronouncement out of his office, it's either been proven to be dishonest, or that he's woefully inept, as well as astonishingly uninformed.

He's demonstrated that he's nothing more than an ego-centric, self-deluding fraud.

Some folks exist just to provide a very clear example to others of what you should never aspire to emulate or imitate.

Carey effectually fills that role.

Dishonest incompetents like Carey shouldn't be allowed anywhere near public office.

Wondering if Carey has a point is about as needless and senseless as wondering if GW Bush lied his way to invading Iraq.

It's not a question, it never should have been a question.

Ishmael said...

I'm going out on a limb here and speculate that Dave Carey has pandered and more to teabaggers many, many, many times in the past.

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