Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pay Day at the Borough Building

One thing I don't get about Mayor Carey's support by ACT is Dave's generosity with the tax-payer's money when it comes to pay for staff. Both Hugh Chumley and Susan Wilcox pull in over $90K a year - in comparison, William's Chief of Staff, Tim Navarre, drew a salary in the $70K range. In addition, his Administrative assistant, draws a salary about $10K more than anyone in the borough that does a similar job.

How can ACT champion Mayor Dave as a fiscal conservative, while ignoring this administrative excess?


Anonymous said...

With the extra cash, Chumley could front more campaign donations on behalf of ACT members as was allegedly done last time.

How can this mayor justify, not only the increases for his minions, but condone the 4-percent raise under the union contract for about a thousand employees, then spout his fiscal concerns to citizens footing the bill?


Do you suppose a Borough Manager would have to explain his budget?

Anonymous said...

The ACT folks simply aren't in it for the sake of the issues at all.

Their 'act' is one of self-promotion and stroking their own fragile egos.

Confront them with their obvious disconnects and they quickly try to change the subject. They will not acknowledge that backing Carey makes not one lick of logical sense according to their own purported aim.

Carey's budget calls for more debt which inevitably will end in eventual increased taxation through deficit spending. Carey's budget proposes increasing deficit spending long into the entirety of his administration's foreseeable future.

That policy is simply anathema and the exact opposite to what ACT boasts their so-called 'cause' is supposed to be about.

ACT actively ignores the reality and backs a mayor who proposes the same kind of failed economic policies that the Repugnants held a gun to our heads with.

That gun went off and should have resulted in at the least, a little bit of awareness from the pretenders over at ACT.

ACT is only backing Carey because Carey will pander to them and stroke their insecure egos.

ACT is a laughable joke. LIke children play acting, thinking there will be no consequences for their illogical and hypocritical fantasy role playing.

Their totally inconsistent 'posing' is transparently pitiably laughable.

Anonymous said...

In the recent Borough mayor's race, if the ACT organization were to support a candidate, they certainly would not support one that publicly called their members "Domestic terrorists" and led the Borough Assembly to deny several ACT initiatives, leading to civil litigation (funded by ACT), which is still in litigation today.

It doesn't seem to me that Carey would have to do anything special for ACT members to favor him over John Williams (and Chief of Staff Tim Navarre).

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