Thursday, August 20, 2009

Politics not as Usual

It's good to see that there are challengers for every seat on the Soldotna City Council. Nels Anderson is running against Jim Stogsdill for Seat A, Brenda Hartman will attempt to oust the appointed Eugene Fowler for Seat B, former borough mayor Dale Bagley is taking on Jay Rohloff for Seat C and homesteader Peggy Mullen will try her luck against M. Scott McLane for Seat D.

Could it be that some SOLdotnans are not happy with the way the cemetery issue has been handled? I really don't know for sure, but certainly Dale and Peggy have been vocal proponents of the Redoubt site and of course, Jay R has been a leader in the Mooring on the River subdivision's NIMBY campaign against that location. Dr. Nels has long been involved in local politics as a former school board member and unsuccessful candidate for the state senate. I don't know Brenda at all. It will be interesting to see what issues will be brought up.


Anonymous said...

Brenda is a nurse in the baby ward; a Nels follower. This is a "group think" attempt to wrest control and fix things their way. More interesting is, who is paying for all the radio time, 20 times a day, day in and day out, for spots on the entire KSRM group of radio stations, which announce "brought to you by Mayor Peter A. Micciche and the City of Soldotna".

Let me guess who wants to go to Juneau and why.

Anonymous said...

"I Eat Gravel" is no longer blogging. Running for office does that to bloggers.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bagley vs Rohloff?

What kind of choice is that?

Dumb or the Dumber.

Bagley's mayoral stint was a train wreck.

No matter that Rohloff was on the wrong side of the cemetery issue, Bagley replacing him would be an even bigger mistake.

Souldotna said...

In response to the comment about Mayor Micciche, he has been married for a few years now and the father of 2 happy girls and step-dad to another. While one might have a problem (and I certainly have) with the way he has handeled the cemetery issue, he's been approachable, open-minded and aware that unchecked growth does not equate with having a life of quality.

If there was any "scary stuff" in the past, he seems to have outgrown it.

Anonymous said...

"scary stuff".... "toxic and inappropriate"... Crap like this makes Sarah Palin's bitches about bloggers look sane. The teenage shot is like asking the poster to be sued. Was this to imply a crime? If there is toxic and inappropriate it was the WTF post.

Ryan Marquis said...

Actually Anon,

"I Eat Gravel" had pretty much faded out of existence before I even thought about running for office.

There were a lot of reasons for it, the most important being that I was much more inclined to spend the summer with my family, rather than blogging.

There were a few other things as well, but overall I was dissatisfied maintaining the blog anymore.

That being said, it's not gone forever; I have a new experiment in the works.

Anonymous said...

To be clear -- no crimes implied with Anon 3:41 comment above. The term "very young adults" should've been used instead of "teenagers" in order to prevent any misunderstanding.


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