Monday, August 30, 2010

Politics in Action

My fellow Soldotnans,

Do you need help deciding for whom to vote for in the upcoming Borough Assembly seat that Pete Sprague is vacating due to term limits?  The two candidates, Linda Murphy and JR Myers will present their political views this coming Wednesday, Sept 1 at 5:30 at the Reel Cafe, on the corner of Funny River and the Seward Hwy (right in front of SBS).  Be informed.  Be there.

If you're concerned about the direction that CPGH will take in regards to governance and ownership, you might want to consider attending the Sept 7 Borough Assembly meeting where this will be one of the hot topics on the agenda.

Become informed, get the facts, vote responsibly.


highonahill said...

I find it interesting that Linda Murphy was quoted in a recent Peninsula Clarion article as saying that she considers herself "approachable". I just have to say, as a long-time KPB employee, that there was not a more UNapproachable person than she, when she worked in the Borough Clerk's office. I do NOT want her representing me. Sorry Pete has to go.

Souldotna said...

I haven't had to deal with Linda, so I can't speak from experience. But I am worried about the politics of her opponent. My work schedule has me out of town for tonight's presentations at the Reel Cafe, so I ope someone reports in about Myer's point of view.

And it is too bad about Pete being forced out. Pete is very approachable and has always thoroughly researched whatever topic before he votes. I wonder what wil be next up for him?

Alaskan citizen said...

Norm Olson, candidate for lt guv, Ray Southwell, candidate for state house, and now Linda Murphy's opponent are linked together. Two of the three were drummed out of the michigan militia for being too radical. (something about the Oklahoma City bombings being a plot by the Japanese govt) They continue to promote their fear-based "your neighbor's are out to get you" and now are given a legitimized voice, at least until the elections. It's making me reconsider Mike Chenault.

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