Monday, August 23, 2010

Primaries, Politicians and the Press: Part 2

Both the Kenai Borough Assembly and the Soldotna City Council will have new representation this next term.

Term limits have prevented Pete Sprague, Paul Fisher and Gary Superman from seeking re-election.  The only seat that has more than one candidate is Sprague's.  Linda Murphy and J.R. Myers are both running to represent SOLdotna.  Linda is along-time Alaskan and has been involved in various public service roles for quite some time, most notably as borough clerk.  Mr Meyers, recently from Montana, is the vice-chair of the Alaskan Independence Party.  Just what is agenda?  If he get elected to office, will he move to have the borough secede from Alaska?

Residents of K-Beach will select Brent Johnson, a commercial fisherman from Clam Gultch and Nikiski will have Raymond Tauriainen, an oil-patch electrician as their assembly person.

It could be an interesting political season.

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