Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Primaries, Politicians and the Press: Part 4

I can't make up my mind about it...should I be happy that only 329 folks voted for Militia-man Ray Southwell, or should I be scared that there are at least that many motivated, paranoid, gun-toting, irrational people in the central peninsula?

Joe Miller still has the lead this AM.  The teabag vote is a reality in Alaska.  Of course, I hope that y'all read the story about the Koch brothers (see the link in the previous post), if you think Miller will call the shots.  He is in their pocket.  Where do you think he got the funding for his campaign?  The Tea Party movement was conceived and is hugely funded and totally manipulated by the Kochs.  

Was there any encouraging news?  Ballot measure 1 did fail by a wide margin.

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