Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Results: The Kenai Peninsula

Last month Dave Carey defeated John Williams for the Borough Mayor. I don't know how this will play out - while not a particular fan of Williams, I am not confident that Dave understands complexities. Time will tell. Dave's first act was to order department heads to trim 5% from their budgets. The request is more symbolic than necessary, as the KPB does operate in the black. But Dave did get elected by a movement to cut the cost of government, so cut he should do.

Once again, I am not surprised by Chenault's victory over Evans, Wagoner's over Anderson's, or Olson's over Waisanan. We get what we deserve though.

Remember that Chenault, a member of the Corrupt Bastard's Club and recipient of thousands of dollars of VECO money, held up the tax reform legislation in his committee that then forced Gov Palin to call a special session to deal with. How much did that tactic cost the state? Chenault was also instrumental in doing away with the defined benefits retirement plan for state employees that has created a huge problem attracting folks to fill state trooper and other state positions. He was also part of the team that mistakenly reduced the states obligated payments to TRS and PRS. Luckily $100+ barrels of oil coupled with an overhaul of the oil tax laws (which he opposed) helped us find a way out of that mess - but at a greater cost than if we had just continued with our obligations.

For two terms, Wagoner has refused to join the coalition that brought a much needed across-the-aisle cooperation in Juneau. He would prefer the old system that ignores the diversity that exists in this state. Anyway, for two terms, Wagoner has done absolutely noting but sit on the sidelines and moan and groan.

And Olson? He’s another VECO fund recipient that does little more than occupy space.

OK - you guys are in. Let's get a sound fiscal policy in place. Let's create support for alternate energy development. Let's figure out how to get a sound educational policy in place.

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