Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election thoughts: Barack Obama

It is a moment right now – a declaration that, yes, we can change. Americans from all regions and from all persuasions have spoken with audacity.

It’s the recognition that, yes, we should change. That to be that shining beacon to the world, we can no longer condone torture and that we can no longer abandon justice. If our way is the right way, the progressive powers of tolerance, knowledge and dialogue - the essential components of freedom and democracy - need to trump fear, secrecy and partisanship.

It’s the responsibility that, yes, we must change – the problems are too many and too severe to continue to forget America’s middle class and to continue to alienate the rest of the planet. America increased productivity by 20% during the Bush years – our workers produced more and produced more efficiently, but the rewards of this productivity did not go to those who punched a clock – whose wages during this time declined when adjusted for inflation. The top earning 1% of our population now controls 22% of the all the wealth that we have all created. This scope of this disparity is unprecedented in our history. Yes, there has been a redistribution of the wealth – away from those who created it to those have used undo powers of high-priced lobbyists and special interests to reward the already powerful beyond any sense of fairness.

It’s the hope that, yes, we will change. Barack Obama’s message has always been inclusive. These are the United States and we all need to be willing to share the burden required to solve the difficulties ahead. But it is what America does best. We work hard and we believe that hard work can improve our own lives. And we believe that when it necessary, that sacrifice is what it will take to improve the future – so that our children will inherit the reality of our best dreams of prosperity, peace and freedom.

It our moment – a time for all of us in these United States to ensure that the American Dream continues to motivate everyone of us to be our best.

And it’s also a moment for all on our planet - especially for those who live where oppression, fear and corruption rule - to expect that the international policies of our nation and the rest of the free world will insist that prosperity in developing countries is shared by all – not just the powerful military, political and business elite.

Let’s celebrate this victory – it is sweet. But then let’s start cooperating and get some meaningful things done.

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