Monday, November 17, 2008

Wagoner too sick to work? If so, he should resign

The PC reports that Tom Wagoner, the central peninsula's representative to the state house is sick and has left the state to receive treatments (see story).

I wish Tom a speedy recovery and a quick return to Alaska - but when he gets back, I hope that he fully intends to actually represent our communities during this coming legislative session. He has already decided NOT to be part of the bi-partisan majority that was formed last week. This will make the third session in the row that he has sat in the sidelines rather than participate in making government work for all of us. That's like a paid vacation on the government tab for doing no work.

Tom, if you wanted to sit out the current session, why did you run for office?

If you are unwilling to serve, please consider resigning your seat and let someone go to Juneau that will actually work for us?

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