Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Results: Alaska

I am not at all surprised with the outcomes here in Alaska. We're not only SOL here in Soldotna, but we're SOL throughout this state.

As of now, a felon convicted on 7 counts leads in the race for the US Senate. Yes, Uncle Ted is guilty and it has nothing to do with any improper court proceedings. His own testimony did him in.

Don Young who is also leading in his race is under investigation for corruption (don't forget that an overwhelming bipartisan vote from his colleagues in congress recommended the investigation) and he has already spent more than a million bucks in legal fees. No one would be shocked if he gets indicted.

Neither of these men will be effective in DC. It is likely that Ted will be turned out of the Senate and there can be no doubt that Young will be relegated to insignificant positions in the House of Reps.

Get ready Alaska, the anus of America is about to squeeze us off. We'll have to begin to pay our own way. But that just might be a good thing.

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