Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big Tax Protest of '09: Tea Time for Twits

Alrighty - all of you big bad tax protesters. How about walking the walk. Stay off the roads (paid for by taxes), don't call the fire dep't when your house burns down (paid for by taxes), don't call the cops when there is trouble (paid for by taxes), forget about the military keeping you safe (paid for by taxes), send back the PFD and any medicare/medicaid/ss benefits (paid for by taxes), close the schools (paid for by taxes), stop treating sewage in Soldotna and Kenai and pump it right in the Kenai River (paid for by taxes)...get the point?

No one likes paying taxes, but as Oliver Wendel Holmes said - It's the price of having civilization. Get a grip on reality. We Alaskans live in a tax-gain state (PFD v no state income or sales tax),and get subsidized by the tax payers of the east coast and California (now THEY might have something to protest: Stop sending my tax dollars to Alaska). Oh, yeah - the KPB has one of the lowest tax rates in the country.

Can you imagine what it would be like if all that federal tax money went away or the state oil taxes went away? Imagine if you had to actually pay for all that we get here? We get off cheap.

And you know that you are the first ones whining when your road needs grading or plowed (paid for by taxes).

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Anonymous said...

As an old buddy used to say, "No doubt, smoke trout!" Sorry, folks, but everyone's gotta pay into the kitty if we don't wanna live a Mad Max-style life. So qwitcher whinin' and pony up. You wanna "Support the Troops" (yeah, you know you have one of those ribbon magnets on your SUV!)? Then pay them a salary and give 'em some health care. Y'know - through taxes!

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