Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet the Kellers - SOLdotna's Tax Protest organizers

Bill and Carol Keller were two of the organizers of the April 15 tax protesters at the SOLdotna Y this past Wednesday.

Bill's a disabled veteran with a prosthetic leg and he never fails to mention his disability at any given opportunity. He did so at the Kenai/SOLdotna Chamber of Commerce meeting yesterday that featured Mark Begich.

What Bill doesn't mention is that his missing leg is the result of falling off of his roof. It has nothing to do with his time in the service. Word is that he was poaching a cable TV feed when he fell off.

Anyway, Bill moans and groans a lot about paying taxes - that fits with the tax protest thing. A while back he wrote a letter to the editor complaining about a 37 cent monthly SOLdotna City tax on his phone that he felt was unfair because he lives outside of SOLdonta, but has a city POB.

But Bill likes to leave out details. Like that he has a river-front home and property on the K-Beach side worth over $1,700,000 and just downriver from SOLdotna. Man, aren't you glad there's a sewage treatment plant in SOLdotna - you would literally be SOL otherwise. And don't you drive SOLdotna streets when you pick up your mail? 37 cents a month is a small price to pay for those services.

But I digress.

At the chamber meeting, one man told Sen. Mark that he wished he could get his veteran medical treatments in Anchorage, rather than fly down to Seattle -it would cost the government less and make it more convenient. Then Keller told Mark that he was happy that the VA flew him to Seattle for treatment - a chance to have a bit of a vacation on the gov't tab.

What a scam Keller is - wanting more of our tax dollars to treat something caused by his own activities.

And then he has the nerve to protest taxes.

He has nearly 2 million dollars of untaxed property value on the Kenai and the guy is screaming as if he is a pauper.

Soak the bastard is what I say.

Bill went on to accuse Senator Mark of voting for the stimulus without reading the bill. Senator Mark responded that he actually DID read the bill and the revision, made notes on both and then could even explain the difference between the two. And then Mark explained that there's a good chance the stimulus bill could even generate a 6% rate of return.

And Bill and Carol shut up and sat down.

As one SOLdotnan said - It was bee-yoo-tee-ful

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