Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Saying No to W.A.R.

A quickie update that I am sure everyone has heard about already - but Wayne A. Ross has just been resoundingly rejected as Alaska's Attorney General.

Every Democrat in the Legislature voted against Ross as well as nine Republicans, including the Senate president and House speaker.

"I think he is too controversial for the state of Alaska. We've got in some people's mind a controversial governor and I think that he just has too many controversies out there," said House Speaker Mike Chenault, a Nikiski Republican.

W.A.R. is SOL in Alaska!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I doubt we've heard the last of him - but at least he'll do his damage as a private citizen. Wonder how Sarah likes having the stiletto heel on the other foot...

Anonymous said...

The Alaska Leg did something RIGHT!

Too bad they let themselves get railroaded by Bob Penney on the same day, but one can only expect so much spine from a politician, I guess.

Brent Johnson's reaction shows him to be a class act, in spite of being a Palin nominee.

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