Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cemetery Update

Souldotna wishes to point out his maturity as evidenced by the lack of a bad pun in the title of this blog concerning SOLdotna's controversial Cemetery. Can you dig it? (Ooops)

But a potential new site off of Knight Drive has been proposed by the Unified Community Memorial Park Committee.

For a well-written synposis of the cemetery location problem, read this PC story from last year and this one from 2005

For an opinionated, but hopefully much more fun synopsis, read on.

SOLdotna doesn't have a cemetery. In the last election, voters recommended the Redoubt site. Many (wealthy and influential) residents of the Mooring by the River Subdivision opposed the site. However, no discernible reason was ever presented except NIMBY. One resident, who happens to drive a hummer, argued that the corpses would pollute the river (not as much as you car, Gary). See his post and this brilliant rebuttal. SOLdotna Mayor Petey M. a Redoubt doubter and early supporter of the airport site, has stated that the 10-acre Redoubt site didn't have the needed 10 acres to meet the needs of the soon-to-be-dead. WTF?!? The airport site, pushed by certain members of the council, proved to have the wrong type of soils and less-than-desireable peaceful setting wanted by those who wished to rest in peace.

Isn't this fun? You should see the vitriolic comments made to the most recent PC article. How come the only name-calling is done by the folks against the Redoubt site, who then accuse the CZ (Cemetery Zealots) of name calling?!?!

So now, the UCMPC has come up with the Knight Drive site. It seems to be more than adequate.

But we SOLdotnans OWN the Redoubt site. We have to BUY the Knight Drive sites - and there are up to six parcels we will have to pony-up for.

I say we charge it to the Mooring on the River Subdivision folks.


Anonymous said...

Just put the cemetery out by the airport!

Anonymous said...

Okay this issue is just getting ridiculous. I agree that buying property seems ridiculous. That being said, people aren't paying any attention to other issues that the property on Redoubt bring up. 7 acres is projected to last approximately 40 years. While the Knight Drive property is projected to last 100+ years. So do we use land already owned and face having to purchase more land in my lifetime to start a 2nd cemetery? This whole thing has gotten out of control. I do think that Redoubt property is beautiful, that being said its just not the smartest land to go with. I hope that people can understand this. Also has anyone been in a funeral procession. They are long and slow, and last time I checked driving down Redoubt while school is getting out is a NIGHTMARE! What happens when there is school and a funeral procession? Use common sense. Find another piece of city owned property or buy one..just resolve the issue.

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