Tuesday, April 14, 2009

W.A.R. What is He Good For? (Absolutely Nada!)

Wayne Anthony Ross, Sarah Palin's pick to be the Attorney General of Alaska has some solid SOLdotna credentials. He's the lawyer who represented Jeff Webster, the super-soaker clown who doused 80-year-old women with buckets of water in below freezing temperatures on two separate occasions as they were protesting the invasion of Iraq at the Soldotna Y back in 2003.

Back then, Ross said that Webster was harmlessly expressing his free speech and that it was dangerous for folks to protest the war. Ross went on to say that he couldn't understand why the state would prosecute someone whose son was fighting for the country.

Harmlessly expressing his free speech? What about the old ladies - weren't they harmlessly expressing themselves when they were assaulted not once, but TWICE by Webster? And yes, as long as you make excuses for physical assaults on free speech, it will continue to be dangerous for folks to protest. Kinda like it's dangerous to protest in countries were there are few freedoms. Now, if W.A.R. was to be appointed AG of North Korea, China, or Iran - well, that would be a nice fit.

Ross, in his confirmation hearings this week, now says as AG he wouldn't be OK with pressing charges in the Webster case, but would do it anyway. Yeah, Right.

We Americans are entitled to legal representations, but shouldn't our lawyers advise us to suck it up when we do something boneheaded? So, Mr. Ross - was it your legal advice to Webster to plead innocent and not to apologize?!?

And you want to be AG for the State of Alaska?

I wonder what would happen if someone were to douse W.A.R. (or his hummer) with a few bucketfuls of water on a winter's day as a protest to his selection as AK's AG?

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Anonymous said...

From the April 15 ADN, re Sarah's putting forward three people for the vacant Juneau Senate seat: "...the governor's new attorney general, Wayne Anthony Ross ... has signed off on it being legal to submit the three names. State law says that, if an appointee is rejected, a governor "shall appoint another qualified person."" Apparently helping Sarah count to one (it says 'person', WAR & Sarah, not 'people') is another thing WAR isn't good for.

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